Friday, April 27, 2007

Home Spa For Me!

Wow yesterday Mommy Nesh seems to be in a good mood. I was pampered with a good massage for 1 full hour!!!

It was so nice that I fell asleep on her lap like a kitty cat and she quietly took pictures of me! Hehe!

Sniff out my lazy piggy look!

See that? See my lazy snoring face?

All she did the whole 1 hour was massaging my stomach, stratching my head, srtoke my hands, EVERYTHING!

Talk about Home Spa!


Will any of you give me a good Home Spa too?? Bark Bark! Woof!


babyfiona said...

Wow, ur mommy why suddently become so nice one?? you better becareful, later she will bring back a new brother for you or a son! muhahahaa

AceOne118 said...

Ruff..ruff...woow!!woff!! kacau this doggy! *quickly cabut*!

Fluffy the Muffly Dog said...

[Babyfiona] : Woooooot???!!! A new brother?? Dun need a new brother! The house is mine! Ruff ruff!

[Aceone118] : Ruff ruff!!! Bark!! Woof!! Chase and bite you!! Grrr!!!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

[Babyfiona] : Shh!! Wei I'm not getting the dog wei! Dun scare Fluffy ler.. after she mm choi me die lor...

[Aceone118] : Kacau kacau only ler u..have u seen Fluffy when she's mad? She'll bite u off! Hehehe!!