Monday, September 22, 2008

Dogs Must Take Bath?

Woof woof!

One question, why must we dogs take bath? Sigh it's bath day today and I HATE it. I idea of getting wet and cold is not a very comfortable sight for me.

I get my btah every Monday whether I like it or not! If I hide somewhere and IGNORE Nesh's call, she would still come to me, drag me from under the chair and bring me to the bathroom.


I'm the Queen there! Nobody can touch me or make me take bath! Hmph!

*Not Me!*

Monday, September 08, 2008

Window Shopping Online is the place for me to shop for some of the latest fashion clothing line for me! Yes! I have to keep myself updated with the latest in season and which better place to shop for it than right? Right! Well they also offers lots of cheap and high quality stuff as well like arts and crafts, accessories, health and beauty line, pets accessories and many other interesting products!

I would usually hunt for computer accessories and currently in the midst of looking for a good monitor since this current monitor of mine is getting really old. Maybe I just get a brand new laptop. I can use it anywhere I want as long as there is internet connection!

It is easy to buy from shopwiki too. Very user-friendly so that anyone can surf and shop for their favourite things there. Fret not as it is definitely safe to shop there as well! Give it a try and go for window shopping there! Maybe you can find something interesting right? Right!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Beauty Is In!

Beauty is the essensce in life! Whether you are young or old, one should be able to bring herself to look good and gorgeous anywhere they go! I realise girls are always trying to look good and it's not a crime! It's not wrong to try to look good because in life we only live once! We should make the most out of it!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Shopping Time

Shopping time!

I ENJOY surfing around the Gosh there are so many things to see there and I can easily buy something there rather than going out in this hot season and getting sweat all over! The categories can go from accessories, arts and crafts, clothings, health and beauty, pets and many more!

I would usually hang around the pet sections to find something interesting for myself! The doggie section is always the most interesting! I enjoy hunting for leashes and collars because they really have some of the gorgeous designs!

Well I have to go now. I have some hard core shopping to do at now! Join me!

All Casino Bonuses!

Money, money, and win more money!

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Hey anyone care to join me! Let's try out the bonuses and see how we like it alright? We may win some extra money for shopping!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Looking Gorgeous!

Beauty is the essensce in life! Whether you are young or old, one should be able to bring herself to look good and gorgeous anywhere they go! I realise girls are always trying to look good and it's not a crime! It's not wrong to try to look good because in life we only live once! We should make the most out of it!

Regency, a beauty school, is an on-growing school that has over 30 beauty schools in across 9 states! When one joines the school, students are given hands-on training to offer high-quality services to te public while professional faculties are at close watch to make sure students are doing the right thing.

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Fly Attack!

Grrrr I hate flies!!! They are always attacking my canned food. Why must there be flies! I always try to catch those flies with my mouth! ALWAYS! But they are always faster than me. Grr!!

It's a good thing Mommy Nesh is always cleaning out the bowl if the flies attack. I don't want to get any stomach aches! It hurts!

So if there is God, why did He create fly?

Food for thought!

Dino Sux, Dog Rules!

Why are there no dogs million years ago? They have dinosaurs like a buffet on the table but no dogs! Dogs should be the one ruling the word! Not the ugly and disguisting T-Rex!

Look at this ugly fellah... UGLY! I heard their brains are super small! See? Even dogs are smarter! We should be existing since the birth of this earth and we should be the one ruling the world!

Study Online Is In!

Should anyone be interested to enroll in an online college courses or university that offers great degree and bachelors degree, it would definitely be Capella University! Currently having 20,000 students from all around the world, this university is aimed to reach a great academian proficiency and committed to give only the best for their students

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Nesh At Home?

Hmm... I wonder why Mommy Nesh is at home everyday? I thought she is working! Gosh if Mommy Nesh don't work then there won't be money. No money means I have no toys and chew bones. Noooooooooooo!!

On the good side, I have a company to be with now! So bored everyday without people at home to play with me. At least now Mommy Nesh is around to hug me, cuddle me and kiss me!


Slow Connection

Ugh the connection is so slow today. Why does streamyx wanna make life difficult. Some smart fella should open a brand new and BETTER connection in Malaysia. I can guarantee everyone will cahnge their subscriptions from Strreamyx to the new connection!

Seriously... Streamyx is so unstable... why do we even bother... Sigh...

Well I guess enough of my fretting about connections. Better to have than to not have any!

Goodbye Nurse, Hello Technology

Technology is getting better each day! Now, technology can assist doctors in medication and presciptions as well! With PDAs and iPhones, a doctor doesn't need a nurse to assist!

Epocrates Inc are the ones who comes up with the pocket-sized mobile devices in those white lab coats! Currently their medical references is widely used over 500,000 healthcare professionals!

The user of a PDA or iPhone can actually load the Epocrates' drug guide into their PDA or any smart phone which can be accessed immediately when in need of making prescriptions. The guide can help giving a doctor a better references as to which is best to be prescribed, the side effects and many more.

Epocrates are working on making it iPhone compatible as well so those who has these phones can load the guides as well. Best of all, it's free medical applications for iphone.

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Dog Jokes


I'm bored of my toys..bored of my food... bored of chasing cats... bored bored bored. Anything fun for a dog to have fun? It's 2.30am and I'm blogging..imagine that!

Anyway since I am bored, I am actually surfing the Dog Jokes site to keep myself entertained. Hey get this:

Q: What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a rose?
A: A collie-flower!

Well har-de-har-har... I don't find it funny but it keeps me entertain! You're interested? Then visit here.

Dogs vs Chocolates

Chocolates are bad for you!

No really... if you're a dog, I am telling you now to NOT EAT CHOCOLATES. They can kill you... literally!

I was reading at and here's the reason:

Unfortunately for dogs chocolate tastes really, really good, but chocolate is
not really poisonous, not like cyanide. That doesn't change the fact that
it can kill your dog. It is theobromine that is harmful to dogs, if
you can find chocolate without it you'll have the happiest dog in town.
Theobromine is a stimulant found in the coca plant. People often get
theobromine confused with caffeine, while they have similar effects, eating a
piece of chocolate will not give a human the rush a cup of coffee does.
Chocolate will still give a sugar rush, but don't eat it if you're up late
studying for an exam.

Dogs and horses are greatly affected by
theobromine. Chocolate is a banned substance in horse racing because of
the boost it will give to the horse. Of course a horse can still eat too
much of it, like a dog, but they're significantly bigger animals and it would
take much more chocolate.

More at this site.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monaco Rare Coin

Gold are constantly appreciating and will always be in demand! It is the most precious currency anyone can own in this world!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No Longer Geeky With Glasses

If you think being a four-eyed fellow is geeky, then you're wrong.

At, you can actually find many stylish glasses with wide selections of frames, single vision lens, sunsensor (potochrimic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens, and progressive lens! These stylish glasses that they offer allow you to have a brand new look that will sure to make the opposite sex go 'WOW'.

The best part of all these is that they offers LOW PRICES because they sells theiw own manufactured frames rather than outsourcing for suppliers thus cutting cost in middlemen expenses.

Stylish glasses are very cool now as compared to the previous century. Don't have to look geeky with glasses from anymore!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Something Exciting?

Oh gosh I'm so bored at home now. My car petrol is near empty and I do not intend to fill it up anytime soon. The television is showing nothing interesting or even educational. Yes, I am desperate enough to even look for educational programmes on television.

Hey I heard from a friend that there is a place for fun and excitement! There is an online gambling site at They have casino games, poker, bingo, video slots and even forum sites for all players to get together and share their same interests!

If someone is not too familiar with certain games, this website also has the rules and tips to help the new players to get a hang of it.

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Of course, at every online casino sites, they are limited as according to local laws and regulations thus everyone should understand that they are playing legally and with control.

I guess I am eligible! Time to check out the site!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Love Gold!

I love gold!

Who doesn't? Gold are always appreciating and even when there is a possibility of war, money is of no use but gold will be in demand! It is the most precious currency anyone can own in this world!

For centuries, gold has been widely recognised as the best way to richness and purchasing power. Most famous is the Egyptian era when the pharoahs will own many golds collected from all around the world and even when one has passed away, the servants will place the gold in his or her tomb so that nobody will take it away from them.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spark Up Your Social Life!

If you have never noticed (due to busy schedules or too busy blogging), IZEA have already launched their latest social network earlier January 2008 and it is called SocialSpark!

SocialSpark is actually a place that holds a community of advertisers and bloggers to get together. This allows advertisers to personally interact with bloggers and offering opportunities to those who takes pay per post version of advertising. Advertisers also are able to get to know their clients personally to understand their range of potential market in the blogging world.

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I have personally went through a tour ever since IZEA invited me to be part of the community and am marvelled by the whole system. This will hold the community stronger between bloggers and advertisers thus engaging a widee network in the blogging world.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shopping Mania!

Finding the right place, at the right time, with a great sale is not difficult. I am serious! One just need to go to to source them out! It will find every store on the internet just like Google sending our spiders crawling for the right sources.

I've been eyeing on a good digital camera from this ShopWiki website. There's a wide range of great cameras on huge sale! I saw this camera that really sweeps me off my feet. This FujiFilm camera is awesome! Not to mention, it is on great sale!

It's very easy shopping there. The system is fixed into a user-friendly based website so everyone can shop at ease. Once I get my camera from there, my next target is a good phone!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Track Your Vehicle

I can still remember the last time when my colleague's car got stolen at a place near where we work. Worst is that it takes forever to find back the car with the help of our police. Not that the police are hopeless. In fact, they are very helpful! The problem is tracing a car is not easy.
We should really have some vehicle tracking device inserted in every cars. At least when some criminal steals a car, the car owner can easily track the whereabout of his or her car and quickly get it back in time.

We should have the Rocky Mountain Tracking Inc to help provide such great tracking devices or GPS tracker for us!

Rocky Mountain Tracking Inc or known as RMT is a provider of location-based solutions in areas of tracking various applications, mapping and integration of location data with other applications!

The team of RMT specialises in moving automobile tracking system information wirelessly using WiFi, cellular and satellite packet data services over 802.11x, GSM, CDMA, GeoSync Satellite and Low Earth Orbit Satellite services.

Founded in 2003, the headquarters are based in Fort Collins, colorado. RMT holds experts with more than 20 years of experiences to develop, maintain, and continuously upgrade the best automobile tracking software solutions.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time To Blog To Earn!

Do you know what is the best part about blogging?


It's true! When I blog I get to make money atleast USD5 per post! I just register at Bloggerwave. Once my blog is approved, I will get to see the available opportunities to grab! When I grab an opportunity, I get to see the basic requirements I have to write in a post like whether should I write positive or negative review, the number of words in a post, and the necessary codes to be linked into the post!

Once I am done, I just need to sit back and wait for my money to be sent to me! So give it a try!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Recycling Is Good

Nesh always likes her car engine to be properly and consistently serviced. This actually helps prevent the nature from being pulluted and better, one is able to prevent constant engine problems.

The midwest auto recycling fully specializes in used engines and transmissions. They make sure all these parts are assembled properly and to allow the engine to work in smooth and breeze condition! All miles are CARFAX verified so it is guarantee original! The assembly process consists of inspecting for compression, cylinder leak down tested, checking for oil pressure and make sure all areas are thoroughly cleaned!

So lets all stop polluting the world! Recycling is always the best way to help our Mother Nature live happy!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Look Of The Year

Anybody care to join a modelling agency? Yes! Look Of The Year from is holding up a competition and every one in the world can join this competition and have a chance to not only win 10.000 USD but also get spotted to be the next model working in Paris, New York or Milan!

All you have to do is to submit in your best pictures and put in the necessary details and you're officially in the competition! Who knows, you might be the next top shot walking on the catwalk modeling for some of the big brands!

Strays being poisoned

Strays being poisoned

A NURSING home manager in Old Klang Road has alleged that certain quarters are on a dog-poisoning spree in the city.

Prakash Singam claimed that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) dog-catching unit might be behind this.

According to the 33-year-old, he first spotted food being thrown out to dogs from a DBKL van cruising around his neighbourhood early this year.

“There were three men in the van, including the driver, and they were throwing food from the vehicle’s side door,” said Prakash.

Traumatised: Leia recuperating at the veterinary clinic after her ordeal.

He said the stray dogs in the area immediately rushed towards the food and began eating them.
Realising that something was amiss, Prakash said he rushed towards the dogs and shooed them away from the food but some of the dogs had already started eating the food by then.

“A dog, which ate the most began foaming at the mouth and became disoriented,’’ said Prakash, adding that he didn’t see the dog again after that.

He said he also found a dead dog in a monsoon drain near his home a day after the incident.

But his real nightmare took place last week when his two dogs, Leia and Dopey, were taken ill.
“In the evenings we usually let them out for a while. One evening they returned home foaming at the mouths,” he said.

He said both his dogs were licensed and never ventured far when let out and usually just hung around the front gate.

“Dopey was not so serious and we managed to nurse him back to health but Leia had to be treated at a veterinary clinic for about a week,’’ said Prakash.

He added there were burn marks inside her throat and the veterinarian who treated Leia said the dog had suffered a bad case of pesticide poisoning.

Meanwhile, SPCA chairman Christine Chin said a volunteer pet rescuer had also informed her that some people had also seen several men throwing chicken heads to dogs in the Jalan Kuching vicinity from a DBKL van.

Apparently after consuming the food, the dogs started foaming at the mouth and later died.
When contacted Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said it was hard to believe that DBKL was behind the poisoning spree.

“I strongly believe the DBKL’s dog- catching unit will not resort to such an inhumane and cruel method of countering the problem of stray dogs,’’ said Saravanan.

However, he added that he would look into the matter as soon as possible.


See this article? It's disguisting. It's cruel. It's inhumane with brainless and stupid and even major idiotic actions. Yes... if you are reading this and you are the person doing it, you have been officially been classified by nationwide as STUPID! BODOH! CACAT!

These are penakut, inhumane, cruel, selfish, and even so, brainless for not thinking properly before deciding to do such crazy ideas! But it is confirmed that it is really DBKL though... just suspecting so I hope the authorities or the NGOs do quickly find out who does such actions.

If this continue and it is really by DBKL, I will personally join a strike at their headquarter! Throw all the poor dead animals at their premises and let them smell the cruel odor they have created.

Poor animals... hey let's not forget even cats would go to the pile and eat the leftovers the dogs place. Thus cats are also in danger of getting poisoned.

What about crows? They eat the left overs as well and sometimes even fight with dogs to get the best part of the meat.With this actions, there are many animals in danger of getting poisoned!

The place will be filled with dead creatures. And there's more, with so many dead bodies around, people are more prone to getting diseased especially when curious children go nearby and poke around. BACTERIA!

So many problems created with one cruel actions... this is not good.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rare Coins

If you take a look at Nesh's cupboard you can find a book that holds many different rare coins that cannot be found anymore in this world except from coin collectors like this fanatic girl! She often take it out from the cupboard, opened them and just stare at them. She then takes out one by one looking at each coin in deep focus.

Speaking of rare coins, if you are interested to find more rare coins, the Monaco Rare Coin is the place! They are part of the Monex family of companies which is a trusted leader in precious metals investment for 40 years! The return from investing in the Monaco Rare Coin will bring in huge returns for the investor that makes them a happy customer upon walking out of the building!

Take a visit at their website and maybe you can find some real rare coin that even I am trying to hunt for!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Social Life Satisfied!

I really need some social life. SERIOUSLY! I am at the worst boredom at home now and it is raining heavily outside. Oh why does it have to rain now?

I think I shall sign up in 3GB Community. At least I can find some new friends there. 3GB Community has people signing up from all around the world!

On top of that, 3GB Community allows users to upload my sexy photo, join groups, blog and hear some of the mp3 hits!

Oh just talking about 3GB making me desperate enough to sign up now. Come join 3gb community with me!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Stupid Rich People

Endangered species are meant to be protected. Not to be kept as prized possessions and to show off to people that they are rich and powerful enough to keep these animals.

You know what I think about these people? STUPID, IDIOTIC, and BRAINLESS STRAIGHT TO TH @SS!

Take a look at the article here. I just read it earlier and got so fumed up!

I hope they get stupid so bad that the stupidity hits straight to their great grandchildren!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pure Water, Pure Health

I get thirsty so often. The hot weather here can really kill me... seriously! Sometimes I even find the water we have here are just not thirst-quenching enough.

Maybe I should get o premium waters. At least with that I can have better and healthier drinks at hand! The water goes through 10 step purification process that results in a pure and crystalized water. Water such as this can gives a great supple skin and leading to healthier lifestyle for people of all ages!

Once I order the residential service I am sure to get all the water I can drink for a special cheaper price monthly! It comes with a free delivery and free use of a water cooler. The rates are exceptionally cheaper than all competitors.

The water will go so well when making a nice warm latte for myself early in the morning. Oooh I can just taste it right now! The smell and the soft smooth blend of purified water and latte powder.

Animal Skin & Fur

I have heard of many cases of people using animals' skin to turn into fashion accessories and clothings. Man I do hope this does not continue. It is so wrong weaing animals' skin! Don't they like their own skin? Why do such crime not be punished?

They better not start thinking about using dog's skin and fur for accessories and clothings! My skin, my fur!

Touts At Cemeteries

In the paper today, one of the article was talking about the touts at cemeteries during Qing Ming time. Here read the article...


Touts at the cemetery
Even the dead can't rest in peace these days.
QING Ming is no longer a safe practice for the descendants in Kuala Lumpur as the cemeteries are now dominated by touts.
Two Sundays ago, my father, brother and I met up in our annual little assembly to visit our ancestors’ graves in the late afternoon, when the crowd is thinner. While performing the rites at the first graveyard, a young man appeared and asked us for RM30 for keeping the site clean and tidy. He claimed that he was from a company which maintained the site and that our ancestors’ graveyards were tended to all year round. When we refused to pay, the called his “senior” who came along and asked us to pay up.
We gave the same reply and threw the following questions which he could not answer:
·So many people came to us to ask for payments, year after year. How do we know that you and your company really looked after our ancestors' graveyards?
·How could we be sure that you really come from that company? And why should we even bother to take time off to check your authenticity?
·So many of our relatives would be coming on different days to pray. Would you collect from them as well? That would be a huge sum at the end of the season for a single tomb. He claimed that a sticker receipt would be pasted on the cement-based tomb, but we know this could come off easily with a sneeze.
·We have three graveyards to visit. Does that mean we have to pay this unidentified person RM90?
·What about those who do not have such a sum in their pockets? Will they be disallowed from praying?
·Why were the descendants not informed? If the association does not have our addresses, why were there no announcements made in the major newspapers? Why were there no buntings or banners at the entrance of the cemetery to notify us?
·What happens to those who feel that it is their filial duty to trim and cut the grasses of their ancestors' graves? Has this association has taken away that task?
·What happens to those who do not consent to such forced service?
The touts could not answer any of these questions. In the first instance, we suspect the touts may not even understand what we were saying. By this time, the tout was already in full rage, hurling foul words at us.
We asked him not to continue as we wanted to pray and show respect for our departed ones. This happened in front of my great-grandmother’s tomb. He hollered for more of his kind who came in motorbikes and soon we were surrounded by these gangsters, provoking us to fight. However, there were a couple of them who were more reasonable and they pulled the angry ones away. Imagine if it were three women instead of three men. Would they not be intimidated into paying?
When we went to our next ancestor’s grave later on, another man turned up to ask for money. This guy was more polite and he begged us to pay because he had a quota to meet. What does this indicate?
I believe many of the descendants do not mind the payment but the procedure is thoroughly incorrect. Consensus needs to be gathered by the majority, notification needs to be made publicly, the fee needs to be arrived at and supported, etc.
Qing Ming is a religious practice and the cemetery does not belong to touts-cum-Ah Longs.
If the tending of the cemetery is indeed true, then there should be more transparency and communication between the tending agent, the caretakers, and the public.
We were tempted to make a police report on the attempted assault and intimidation, especially on my frail 86-year-old father.


How could they do this? Don't even know if they are really working there. What more they want to start a gangster havoc?

This is something that is totally disrespectful!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Recycling Is Good

A good and well serviced engine can help prevent the nature from being polluted. Also one can enjoy lesser engine problems if taken good care of.

The midwest auto recycling fully specializes in used engines and transmissions. They make sure all these parts are assembled properly and to allow the engine to work in smooth and breeze condition! All miles are CARFAX verified so it is guarantee original! The assembly process consists of inspecting for compression, cylinder leak down tested, checking for oil pressure and make sure all areas are thoroughly cleaned!

So why do we want to continue hurting our nature when midwest auto recycling can help prevent it and allow us to live in a better world ahead!

Tortoise Missing

Mommy Nesh's tortoise is missing... she looks so sad! It is too bad Wizard is not around. He is the best snifflers in the town and he will find the tortoise for sure!

Gosh I just hope the tortoise is in good hands. I do not want to see her so sad and down. I can't even cheer her up like how I always does!

Well, maybe if I have some money I would go and buy her another cute tortoise as a pet!

Too bad, I'm a DOG.

Dog Sees?

Oh the posts are showing again! I am so happy! For a moment I thought it was gone or good! Almost had a heart attack!

Anyway many people ask whether does dog sees ghosts or spirits. HEhehe! Well why should I tell you? Maybe yes, maybe not!

This is a nature's question that us dogs are not allowed to answer. Should we say yes, then the world will see us differently. Should we say no, then the world will also start arguing about the existence of ghosts and spirits.

So our answer? "Don't Know!"

Super Radiator

I like to have a truck that has good Dodge Truck Radiator because I for sure really need radiator to be in perfect condition! an online based business for all kinds of automative radiators that you can find! All products are original and lifetime warranty!

On top of that, one can seek online consultation for anyone who are infamiliar with these technical issues by reading the articles being posted consistently.

Also customers can directly order from the distributor with even lower price than the normal store thus saving time and money!

So why go to the store when can offer even better!

New Family Member

Guess what!

Mommy Nesh is getting a new Sugar Glider again to keep Neshimaru company. I think they are so cute! Neshimaru is super cute and Nesh is adopting her sister now. She told me today she will be bringing the sister home.

I do hope the new Sugar Glider will not be too afraid of me! I wanna have more friends at home!


Test page. Hello!! I can't seem to see my post! Argh! I can see the list of posts in my admin but it is not posting it up online~!

Can anyone see it? Maybe my computer is acting up again. I hope nothing goes wrong with the blog. *Sob Sob*

Testing 1, 2, 3. Gosh even at testing page I am writing something.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Was Injured

I remember when I was out taking a walk, suddenly I heard screeching sound from behind. Next thing I knew, I was laying on the groud with blood coming out from my body. Turned out that the cyclist was riding really fast and checking out some girl walking at the recreational park and was not looking at where he was heading towards.

Worst was he shouted at me "Stupid! Stay away from my road!" He rode off without a single sorry to offer me.

I should have gotten a personal injury attorney Omaha. Larry Demerath helps people by offering his professional attorney skill for accidents like motor vehicle, farm accidents, workplace accidents and many more. I heard that he is very dedicated. He will make sure all angles are taken into account to get the best out of the result.

Next time I face such accidents again I will look for Larry D. for sure!

Red Clifford

Clifford is so cute! I want to meet this big red doggie! But how come there are red species? I've never heard of red dog before...maybe this is some new hybrid eh? Gosh I would love to meet this superstar. I will be so thrilled to get his paw-tograph and take a picture of me with him!

Hehehe!! I guess een as old as I am, I am still fanatic over superstars!

Girlfriend Choked To Death

Did anyone read the news today? A man practically choked his girlfriend to death after suspecting her of two-timing him with another man!

Man this is so dangerous... I mean what if one day Nesh have a new boyfriend and halfway during their courtship he suspects that she have someone else and kills her?


Hey even though she may have two-timed him, killing is not the answer. I guess anger does pay a price!


Man chokes girlfriend to death over alleged affair

AMPANG: An enraged boyfriend allegedly strangled his girlfriend for two-timing him.
The body of Siti Hajar Abdul Razak, 27, was found sprawled on the bed of their 15th floor apartment in Pandan Indah by a team of policemen.

The boyfriend, 32, gave himself up at the Pandan Indah police station and led police to the apartment yesterday.

He is said to have confronted Siti Hajar who worked at a nightclub in the city, at about 3.15pm on Sunday and had accused her of having an affair with another man.

The woman, who is from Perlis, is said to have had denied the accusation and a heated argument ensued.

After strangling her, the boyfriend, who sells clothes at the Selayang market, fled to his hometown in Negri Sembilan where he later confessed to his family that he had murdered his girlfriend.

His family members persuaded him to give himself up and brought him to the police station at about 5pm.

Siti Hajar's body was sent to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for a post-mortem.

Ampang OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Jalil Hassan said police have classified the case as murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Master Degree

An online university is always more convenient than going to an actual university physically. One can save expenses on house rental fee for overseas students, save petrol or public transport fee, and even spend more time with family and friends!

Capella University offers degree and bachelors degree along with masters degree in counseling and best of it, it is an online university. Being fully online university with more than 20,000 students enrolled in numerous courses, Capella University guarantees that the certificates are genuine certificates!

Maybe Nesh's master education plan, she can enquire at Capella University for online based studies so that she can study and work at the same time! This way she can kill two birds with one stone! She can earn a master degree and earn experience skills all at one go!

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Burglar Birds

Oh gosh the birds did it again. Always coming into the back house and eating all my food while I am sleeping. See that is why I get so fat! Everytime Mommy Nesh gives me food, I have to swallow everything before the dirty birds come and eat them up!

Hmph! I don't even know why Mommy Nesh always feed the birds with grains of rice.. attracting them to attack my yummy food!

Hmph! Grrrr!

I Am Cute!

Woof woof! I am Fluffy! Nesh's cute and adorable little Shih Tzu. If you INSIST in knowing me better, welll I guess I must!

I'm cute, cuddly, arrogant, proud, snobbish, royalty, diva, fluffy, smart, married, and many many many more good words that you can think of!

What I like to do best? Eat, sleep, laze, bark, beg, be pampered, demand, give orders, and many more good things you can think about as well!

So what else you want to know about me? There is so much to talk about and it is all about me, me, and more me!

Oh I am so cute!

Credit Card Comparison

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I Want PS3

Oh yes… yes… YES…. OH YES!!! It feels so darn good! Let me touch it. Let me softly feel every part of it. I want to hold it, press it, massage it and do everything!! I want to play with it all night!

YES!! YES!!! My body is tingling all over!! Give it to me! I want I want I want!

Just looking at the sexy thing turns me on so bad I can strip myself naked just to have it!






PlayStation 3

Yes! PlayStation 3! Oh how it looks so sexy standing there waiting for me to touch it, feel it, caress it on my chest.

Time Flies

Wow the month end so fast... It will be March very soon. How time flies eh? In a blink of an eye, my family moved from one place to another, celebrated many birthdays, seen new borns and newly married, went through few sickness, celebrated few victories...

It is already year 2008 now. What a nice number. I can bet this is also another fast year. I don't know. I guess we should really take time to reflect in our lives and take time to appreciate what is there in front of us!

I should start practicing that!

Finding The Right Jobs

A. E. Feldman Associates is a company that highly focuses on financial and risk management jobs, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources onsulting and luxury products.

You can be sure that they even have their own accounting jobs blog where you can read updates and latest news!

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Happy 29th February

Wow tomorrow is 29th February! How often do you see that? Happy be-early 29th February to everyone! In fact, I would like to advance wish to all who will be celebrating their birthday on 29th February! You don't get to celebrate that every year eh? Hehehe!

I wonder why there is a leap year... Why at every 4 years there is an extra day in a year? What is so special about 29th February?

Well I guess the astronomers and scientists knows best how to calculate properly to make sure all the seasons fit in just perfectly...


Cute Puppies

Aren't they just adorable!!! Ooooo I miss my puppies so so so much! Pomeranians are pure adorable! Big body with cute face... Aaaaw.. I can just squeeze them tighly.

I used to have about 5 puppies. So darn cute! All given away to people for free and they are all in a good home. I really wish I can visit them. Wonder if they can remember me...

Service Network: House Moving

I just hate moving house. I used to get those house movers that does not really know what they are doing and often caused me few broken items!

Well it was too bad I did not know anything about Service Network that time. They compile a network of the best moving companies and exposed them to the interested people who are looking for the right movers. The moving companies have to go through strict application process so that Service Network has all the best quality house moving companies to be compared.

Next time I know better to find Service Network to help me find a good moving company!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dog Commercial in Car Ad

Oh my goodness this is super cute!! Definitely so true! Even I love to stand at the window and feel the cool breeze blowing my face. But this dog is so much cuter! Look at all those fats being blown back! Hahaha! He can't even open his eyes properly!

Take a look! Very good advertisement!

When will they get me to advertise...


Do you want to know how fat am I?

I am so fat that Nesh can't even carry me! Well, she can but only for a while. AHahah! Gosh I am obese! I can't help it you know, I just can't stop eating all the good food being given to me. I just gobbled up eveyrthing without even chewing it properly.

Once I actually vomitted cutted sausages and still in perfect condition because I practically swallowed them!

Argh! When will I learn to chew....

Maybe I shold go on a diet... Hmm anyone care to sponsor Atkins Diet?

Fresh Wedding Flowers

A grand wedding is incomplete without the main essence of all weddings, flowers!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Evil Dog

Have you seen anything a fierce as this? Wow this fella must really hate taking bath! Hahaha!! Looks so darn funny just watching the fella growling and growling but not biting at all! Must be acting up just trying to scare the owner away and stop giving it a bath!

Come on! Bath is GOOD!

Crazy Chihuahua

Speaking of Chihuahua, this is another video of a dog that goes crazy! Hahaha! Okay I admit it, I do that too at home! Just make sure Nesh doesn't upload that in youtube cause I will be so darn embarassed!

Seriously I do! I love growling and turning about like a mad dog but hey! It feels so darn good! HEhehe!! Anyone's dog does that as well? Do tell me!

In the mean time, have fun watching this crazy Chihuahua!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shopping Online Is Fun?

Anyone do online shopping? I see Nesh always do her shopping at ebay or Is it really that fun? Isn't it such a waste of money?

Well she does look happy whenever the items arrived. She just recently bought a pair of brown coloured contact lens for herself. Yep she looked good in that!

Hmm... maybe I should try shopping online for some pet food and snacks!

I Love Food!

Food! Oh it is such a beautiful word... Nesh just went to Sakae Sushi two months ago. Gosh it looks so good! She did ate a lot! What a greedy girl! Hmph! Did not even save some for me... sob sob...

Who doesn't like food? I know I LOVE FOOD! Yummy.. I love eggs, bread, canned food... everything that taste good!

Well you can check out her Sakae Sushi fun time here!

Denver Magazine

Nesh just love reading magazines wherever she is. Usually when she is free or need to 'break' in the toilet, I often see her grabbing a magazine from her shelf! You should have seen her collection of magazines!

Speaking of magazines, have any of you heard of Denver Magazine? This is a monthly publicated magazines that talks nothing but the wonderful city of Denver! The topics varies from food, businesses, people, politics, and many more! All topics are about Denver that is for sure.

I can bet tourists who visits Denver will get a copy for themselves to find the best spots for visit or to get to know better of the Denver culture. I would love to take a look at this interesting magazine! It is like seeing Denver through Denver Magazine!

Paris Hilton calls Paris Hilton

Hey I was just thinking of some funny and interesting joke. Well it is not really a joke but more like sarcastic.

Okay we all know who Paris Hilton is right? Duh!

Let's picture this, Paris Hilton calling one of her daddy's hotel branch at Paris.

Paris Hilton : Hello. This is Paris Hilton.

Hilton Hotel : Yes this is Paris Hilton. How can I help you?

Paris Hilton : Oh great you can recognise my voice! Just installed caller ID maybe? Anyway prepare a suite for me at the highest floor.

Hilton Hotel : Yes ma'am. May I have your name please.

Paris Hilton : Paris Hilton.

Hilton Hotel : Yes this is Paris Hilton now can I have your name please?

Paris Hilton : It's Paris Hilton!

Hilton Hotel : Yes it is very enthusiastic to mention our hotel name and getting excited but I need your name to book a suite for you ma'am.


New Coat

Isn't it beautiful? For only RM60, Nesh really grab a good bargain for a coat like this. What a beautiful coat! Best of all, it is not made of real fur cause I hate that! Really keep one person warm when going to cold places! It is a good thing that it fits her just nice.

Why I said that?

Because she bought it ONLINE! I mean, how dangerous can that be?! *faint*

Best Of Vegas

Who knows that the Best of Vegas can give you the real best side of Las Vegas!

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Next time when I go to Vegas, I will find the Best of Vegas to give me the time of my life!

Tattoo Is Art

What do you think about tattoos?

I think it is perfectly harmless. Just because someone has ART on their body, others judge him or her as some low life uneducated freak-o from the low class society.

Come on! This is art! Masterpiece! We should learn to accept and appreciate body art as it is. If you don't like tattoo, you should make everyone hate it as well. Not eveyrone wants to think like you so just beat it.

I personally think tattoo is beautiful!

Hunting Dr Dolittle

Hey you guys know This Dr Dolittle right? Is he even real? I mean, I would love to speak to him because he will understand me. Then I can tell him to write a biography book for me so I can be famous! The book will be entitled "Fluffy's Day Off"

Hahaha!! It will be one of the best selling book ever!

Hmm... it is a good idea to write a book but I first need to find Dr Dolittle! Grr!! Can somebody tell me where to find him???

Miami Heat

I get really frustrated to the point I will blow when I want to get a ticket to attend a cool concert and not able to. It is always a huge hassle lining up in a long line like the Great Wall of China or worst is that when I reach the counter, tickets are sold out! I become very grouchy when this happens because I will be looking forward to see some cool concert or exciting game and such unnecessary problems have to ruin my life!

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Xpander Communications

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Have any of you tried Facebook? I bet there is a lot of you who enjoys Facebook!

Well I don't I hate those unnecessary applications that is non-stop flooding my email. When I want to disable the email notification, I have to do it one by one on each applications! Who has the time of patience to do that?

I don't know, I just do not enjoy using Facebook. Too many applications and notifications for me to pay attention to that I have to ignore so many and so consistently.

What do you think?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Naughty Nesh

Have anyone seen what Nesh did during her working hour? That is SO WRONG of her! Gosh how childish can she be? Drawing doodle on a newspaper? Sigh... How typical of her to be like that. Must be the stress that is getting into her!

Hey don't believe me? Take a good look for yourself!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Richness With Gold

I always dream of discovering a gold mine somewhere here. What's not to day dream? Discovering a gold mine means a lifetime of richness and fullfilment to me and my family's life! Think about a lifetime of huge millionnaire house with a chef to make wonderful meal for me and ten servants to serve to my every needs.

It would be wonderful to have gold bars as my bed!

Speaking of gold, the Monex Deposit Company (MDC) offers purchasing for silver, gold, and other precious metals and coins available in the market and assist in immediate personal delivery and arrange for a convenient and safe storafe at any independant bank.

Investing in these can allow your future life to be more secured because gold value will never go down and that is a fact!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I got Chew Bones!

Well how was everyone's Valentine's Day? I had a great time at home with my mommy! It was a working day so I waited for her to return.

She came back with doggie chew bones. All so big and chewy! Weee Such a great Valentine's Day for me! I've never seen so many chew bones before in my life!

It's mine! All mine! I can't let Zoe and Chloe take it from me!

How To Catch A Squirrel?

Good morning! Nesh went off to work and here I am so bored. I saw a squirrel that day!


Gosh how can they run so darn fast?! I tried catching it everytime I catch this squirrel stealing my food but it just run like lightning speed!

Can anyone teach me how to catch a squirrel?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! This goes out to all the beautiful people out there (both inside and outside) not only couples but singles as well! To the couples, have a perfect and wonderful day together as lovers and remember guys, do not forget the present!

To the singles, it is also your day as well! Celebrate as a single because you are not committed to anyone yet and you can have a girls or guys night out together!

So have fun!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Stylish Glasses

Nesh wears a funky glasses. I kind of like the spectacle fashion now. Nothing like those back in those days when she used to wear those nerdy glasses!

Seems that Great Discovery: offers gorgeous and stylish glasses online! They have frames, single bision lens, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens available for every interested customers. In addition, the prices are at the lowest in the market because they practically sell their own fine quality manufactured frames without any costs of middlemen and advertising.

Do visit to find some proper glasses perfect for your eye vision or style!

Easy Job

Woof woof!! I've been super delayed with my posts lately. Seems like time is moving so fast and I've been busy sleeping and sleeping and eating and sleeping that I have lost all track of time to blog! Sorry people *whine whine*

Mommy Nesh scolded me yesterday. Said I am a lazy dog that doesn't even know when or how to catch a mouse!

Just because the mouse was enjoying life eating the food in the cupboard, Mommy Nesh blamed me for not doing my so-called job.

My job is easy, EAT & SLEEP!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rare Coins Collection

Nesh has a book filled with old and rare coins collected for many years since her late grandmother's time. I often see her taking them out and washing them nicely until it sparkles like crystals against the sun ray.

I bet Nesh would be thrilled to know that some of the best resources to find rare coins is at Monaco Rare Coin. Being the leading US dealers for Morgan silver dollar, Monaco Rare Coin offers some of the major programs and offers. This would interest all hobbyist and investers!

I will definitely get her to visit the Monaco Rare Coins website!

Friday, January 04, 2008


One day, a prisoner who was locked up in prison for 15 years escapes. He then quickly breaks into a house to look for money and guns only find find a young couple in the bed having sex.

The escaped prisoner orders the guy out of the bed and ties him on a chair. He then ties the girl onto the bed, gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the toilet.

While the escaped prisoner was inside, the husband tells his wife:
"Listen, judging from his clothes, this guy's an escaped convict. He probably spent lots of time in jail and hasn't seen woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck! If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain. Do whatever he tells you! Satisfy him! He is probably very dangerous and if he gets angry he will kill us! Be strong honey. I love you."

Then his wife responds:
"He wasn't kissing my neck! He was whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked me if we had any vaseline. I told him it was in the toilet. Be strong honey. I love you too!"


Learning Hokkien

Come come let's all learn Hokkien! Interested?? Hehehe! I teach you a few good ways to learn Hokkien!

Children is kina kia
Boy is dah boh kia
Girl is zha boh kia
Bird is chiao kia
Korean car is kia
Furniture is Ikia
Police is mata kia
Small house is chu kia
Handphone is Nokia
Malay is huan kia
My friend is a Hokkien Kia
Hindu is keh leng kia
Kuai lou is angmohkia
Chinese is deng lang kia
Japanese is jit pun kia
Bad guy is pai kia
Good guy is ho kia
Person who read this is gong kia
If you laugh, you are siao kia

HAr har har!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Channel To Perfect Wedding

Is anyone getting married soon? Want to have the perfect wedding of a lifetime?

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Happy New Year 2008

Happy New 2008!! Let's celebrate! Let's drink! Let's party all night long! Let's have a blast! Let's throw out the fire works! Let's go crazy and be monkeys for the night!

Countdown just passed by and I had the time of my life! Shh... Mommy Nesh didn't know but I invited a huge group of doggies over to have the countdown party! Woof woof! We drank drank and drank!

Party was so good, every dogs was drunk and I am now drunk...



Woof woof!

World's Ugliest Dog

Have you seen anything so ugly as this one?

Upon celebrating the new 2008, we look back and behind and think about some of the memorable moments we had in 2007. Well I thought this picture is interesting enough to share with you all!

Presenting the World Ugliest Dog 2007!

Elwood, a mix of Chinese crested and Chihuahua, won the Ugly Dog Contest 2007 as the most ugliest dog of them all!