Tuesday, May 25, 2010

buy gold coins

Cleopatra was always wearing gold all over her body. From the top to the bottom, she was covered in gold. It didn't just proven her power but also her wealth in her status. Back then gold was very valuable. Until now gold still does has their value.

They are like wine, the longe a person keep them, the higher the value of the gold is. Market is never on the low side. Everybody are always demanding for gold because it is a good way to keep their wealth.

If you are interested to buy gold coins, the United States Gold Buerau offers gold, silver and other precious metals which can be personally delivered to you or arranged to be deposited in a private bank!

Bored Day

What is Master doing now anyway? She's always at her computer. I wanted to chase some cats but she firmly told me not too ... I'm so bored here!

I can't just sleep all day ... I don't have the appetite to eat ... though ... a nice bowl of sausages would be lovely!

Gosh it's so hot outside now I wish Master would give me a cold bath! I'm starting to stink for Heaven sake!

My Precious ...

Recently the cat that have been coming to my house lately just gave birth some place nearby. I can actually her the kittens' meow-ing every now and then.

It kind of reminds me of my days when I used to have my own puppies to raise. On my first batch, I lost three during birth but one strong little one survived. Master named her Precious rather than the common 'Lucky'. I liked it.

I miss Precious ... Master's mother needed to let Precious go so Precious was sent to Master's Aunt to take care.

I heard that Precious is gone already due to cancer. My heart broke when I heard that from Master. Precious was my first born pup.

Mommy loves you, Precious!

Monday, April 12, 2010

buy gold bullion

Wouldn't it be nice to invest some gold in our lives? Gold are always a positive investment. It is almost like properties. You buy them, keep them, wait for the value to rise, then you resell and earn even more!!

I like to treat gold like a growing bank account or as an emergency use in times of need. What's so difficult in collecting gold? Just buy them, deposit in a safe deposit box in a bank and wait for it to grow.

Now they are encouraging people to buy gold bullion for safe keeping and future use. Anyone interested? I want to research further before buying some for myself!

Dreaming Doggie

Oh my goodness I've been having dreams lately. Nesh have been complaining about me whining or barking or wagging my tail. Thing is I do not remember what I was dreaming about. It drives me nuts when I see myself on YouTube dreaming about things that I do not remember when I wake up!

Have any of you doggies experienced such things before? Isn't it embarassing to have your owner recording you and put it up on YOUTUBE!!


Media Influence

I can't believe I'm watching Upin & Ipin on Disney Channel ... goodness are he kids learning these kind of English language?? It's so ... so ... LOW ... I'd rather have the kids watching Disney movies and learn better English speaking than this!

Speaking of media learning, it's been getting worser for children to be exposed to the latest media. Children are learning all the bad things right now. Younger and younger children are smoking and it is partly due to media influence.

Something needs to be done and it should start with PARENTS.