Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Shopping With online coupons

Christmas is coming soon and I want to get my friends some of the best presents I can frind from Coupon Chief that offers online coupons! Once of the presents I want to purchase is a HP Pavilion notebook PC! With the Christmas blessing of HP coupon, I get to have 30% off!

I also would like to get some cool and beautifully scented Body Shop products for Nesh! I can use the Body Shop coupon that can help me save up 25% on Seasonal Home Fragrance Oils and Burners!

Shopping at Coupon Chief is filled with fun and discounts!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cute When Sleepy

How cute can one be when he or she is sleepy? Gosh I don't think I will look as cute as this dog I am going to show you! Little doggie is all cute when it became sleepy suddenly and as though trying hard to stay up, it just went "POOP!" fell down and slept! Then stood up few seconds later to fight the sleepiness again!

I might look that cute last time when I was younger! *Whine whine* I'm so old now I don't think Mommy Nesh will put me up on YouTube! Anyone want to take a cute video of me and put up in YouTube??

Anyhow watch this video! It is so so so so cute and adorable!

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Hot Dog?!

Hot Dog?

I say, "Hot your damn pen!s you dare to hot dog me!"

What is this thing about Hot Dog? No I understand that it is not really a DOG MEAT and I hope it will NEVER BE! But that is DISGUISTING!

Why don't you humans just change the whole term to Hot Pen!s or Hot Mama or Hot Sh!t? Maybe it will sound better for you eh? Then maybe I will help you all human market out this idea and get all the dogs to have a grand fiesta with unlimited supply or these new recipes or new name to replace 'Hot Dogs'.

Where is the justice in this!

Woof woof!!

Naughty Dog

Wow such a naughty invention! Lately I find so many inventions that when you plug into the USB port, something cute happens! This humping dog is not a thumbdrive. Just a cute little play-thing to humor people!

I must say, this is a very cute and quick invention! Anyone care to buy me one of these?? Okay nothing obscene. Maybe a hopping rabbit or a cute toad. Or a dog that makes barking noise! Hehehe!

Friday, November 23, 2007

world series tickets

It is never a disappointment in every World Series game that I have seen. I can still remember the year 2006 when St Louis Cardinals miraculously won and brought hom the World Series title with pride.

This year, 2007, will be even better after last year's victory! All the MLB team will be working much harder to grab the title and be victorious for the World Series 2007! So who will be the one team that will trully deserve this auspicious title?

Better catch the game live not at television but at the game itself!

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To Love and Be Loved

Where is the justice in this? Us DOGS have the title "Man's Best Friend" for a reason. We are here not to be typical nuisance to the community. We are here to be loyal and be a friend to human, to live and love each other like real family bonding.

Why are there so many strays out there?

My fellow friends, homeless and eating dirty food. Why? Because many humans tend to breed too many and when they couldn't handle it, they throw the puppies out! Why? Because you humans only care for the PEDIGREE and forget the mongrels. Let me confirm with every one of you that I am not a pure Shih Tzu myself but a mix of few breeds. Thus I have a say in this!

My mommy told me two story that changed both hers and my life.

Here is one of the story:
"Back in the days when we were still staying in the old house, we had many stray cats behind. I constantly feed them and play with them. I even shouted at kids before for throwing stones at the poor cats. Yes they do sometimes steal food but they did it out of desperation. If my family throw me out of the house I would beg and steal food too."

"One day, I noticed some of the kittens from the new batch are missing. I talked to the maid behind and she told me that a neighbour of few houses away from mine adopted it. To my suprise, they took two of the best looking kittens while the ugly coloured ones with pale white and pale grey are left to the life of strays."

"The selfishness of most human to choose only the best can easily be seen in this simple case. Fluffy, I chooe you not because you are part Shih Tzu. Besides, you are a typical mixed of few breeds. I choose you because I know that if I don't adopt you, your previous owner will give you to some one else who might mistreat you or worst, to the dog pound or even worser... to left astray."

Yes Mommy Nesh isn't my first owner. I had 2 at first. First one was actually my mother's owner. My first owner couldn't take care of me, and gave me to my second owner. He kept me in cage all the time and hardly able have the time to play with me or spend time with me.

Then he gave me to Mommy Nesh. She love me so much. No cages, no loneliness. I spend time with her every second she is at home, even when sleeping, she lets me sleep on her bed and we sometimes fight for the pillow.

A dog is not just for guarding the house. A dog is not just for the fun of showing off in a beauty show. A dog is not for the entertainment of abusive activity. A dog is not for cages unless necessary. A dog is not for temporary fun and then when bored, thrown out onto the road like an old toy for it to hope for a new owner....but maybe ended up in MPSJ dog pound.

A dog is to love and be loved.

Simplest sentence that explains the true purpose of a dog.

Animal Adoption

I was just scrolling about with my paw and decided to drop by at at Pets Wonderland and see if any of my paw friends are up for adoption.

I came into complete shock when I saw some of these pictures:

*Whine whine*

These are stray or lost dogs being caught by the Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ). Posted by a forum member "Jootat", this is what he said:

"Hi Frens,Please help to adopt this dogs which have been caught by the MPSJ on 12.11.2007. They have only at least 7 days to live from the date they have caught and if you know anyone who can adopt these dogs please forward this email to them asap. The map on how to get there is attached.

Add : MPSJ Pusat Kurungan Haiwan Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama Seksyen 1

Contact: En Fuad at 012 6707 894 or call hotline MPSJ - BahagianVektor 03 8023 7595 for directions.


This post is dated November 17th, 2007. I am not sure if it is the first day or second or third. I just hope that I still have the chance to show you all and hopefully many of you animal lovers will adopt them before they are gone for good.

Even if this is too late, take note that MPSJ will constantly catch dogs and you will find dogs there for adoption daily.

Rather than spending hefty amount on a well-fed Shih Tzu or any other breed behind beautiful glass windows in a pet store, why don't you who seriously declare yourselves as animal lover and adopt those poorly fed mongrels behind bars and on hard cement floor at MPSJ dog pound?

Please consider and help them.

I, on behalf of all stray dogs (especially those taken in by the MPSJ) would like to say THANKS for your kinda consideration.

Woof woof!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mailing Lists

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Puetty Pueeeseee

Mommy Nesh just gave me a good scolding just now. *Whine whine* I was just wanting to be friendly... I wanna make fwens with the cute wittle sugar glider... *Whine whine*

I went near to say hie and the suggie glider growled at me. Then mommy heard me and scolded me before I could explain (if I can ever). *Whine whine*

Mommy dun wuv me anymore. She wuv the wittle suggie glider.... will any of you be my fwen??

(Heh heh heh! And when someone does I will take over the new house and rule as the Queen of the house and will chase away all cats and squirrels so every animals know it's my territory!)

*Whine whine* Pwuetty pueeeseee.......

(Heh heh heh..... MUAHAHAHAHHA!!!)

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Schedule

Everybody is making a big fuss about Boston Red Sox. EVERYBODY! Well I will tell you why. This is because Boston Red Sox rules!

I personally have not been to Boston Red Sox games before but I am DYING to attend at least one of the trainings or games and have an experience of a lifetime! They are the best team in the history and future!

I am planning to get one of the Boston Red Sox Spring Training tickets so I can enjoy myself watching their training. I heard it is as exciting as the real game!

Team One is selling these precious tickets and I must get my hands on those there! They have the Boston Red Sox Spring Training Schedule and I can plan ahead which training or game I want to attend.

Boston Red Sox rules!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fruit Art

I stumbled upon few very interesting pictures! People can actually make figurines of animals out of oranges! Yes! Those orange skin that you constantly throw it away after you eat... well some creative guy recycled it and make animal figurines out of it!

This is just so cool! I want to try it when I have enough oranges at home and make a figurine that looks exactly like me!

Take a look and inspire yourself! Who knows, I might just post up your very own art of work and say "Oh how creative this guy/girl is!

Christmas Shopping Time at Coupon Chief

Christmas is coming!!! A holiday filled with the spirit of giving and romance, Christmas is trully a favourite season for me! Not to mention what Mommy Nesh will buy for me this year. Hehehe!

I have a few ideas in my Christmas list too and I know couponchief can help me get the best deals with discounts! Coupon Chief always have online coupons for many merchants and shopping there is a time-saving and cost-saving way to get the presents that I want.

For my dearest Mommy Nesh, if I even have the cash, I would definitely buy her a brand newHP 530 Notebook PC! It has Intel Centrino Core Duo T2050 1.60 GHZ, 802.11b/g Wireless, 1GB DDR 2. 120GB HDD, Dual Layer DVD RW, 15.4" WXGA, and Windows Vista Business.I can easily get it fora good price from TigerDirect Coupon!

Don't forget the brand new family member that came to us recently. Neshimaru! Our cute and cuddly Sugar Glider! For her, I want to by a 'bungalow' for her to stay and have space to jump around! A tall and beautiful cage will be perfect! That, I can get it from PetSmart Coupon because they are having 75% savings for stock clearance! Yes!

This year I will have the biggest savings for my Christmas shopping and it's all thanks to Coupon Chief!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Faxless Payday Loans

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Mexico Vacation

Do you know that 'Karisma' simply means 'divine favor' in Greek? I never knew that until Nesh decided to go for Mexico Vacation and learned it from Karisma Hotels and Resorts there. I heard that it is one of the best place to escape from all the hassle and rat-race here in the city.

Karisma Hotel is located at Mexican Riviera Maya, where is it secluded, peaceful, quiet, and surrounded by white sand beaches. Food is absolutely tasty and purely divine that many would go for seconds and even thirds. The services are in great quality along with complete accomodations for everyone's convenience and relaxation. Programs and activities are also available for those who are adventurous or seeking for their way of relaxation!

Find out more about Karisma Hotel and you might even want to plan a trip to Mexico for your very own escapade!

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Mommy's The Best!

Did you see it? Mommy Nesh was talking about me! I wanna cry now *whine whine* I'm so touched...

She even posted a cute picture of me! HEhehe! I am just so adorable I can lick myself! Mommy is so sweet and so mommy-like. Me love mommy too! She always let me sleep with her at night and keep me warm. When I'm sick she'll stay up with me to keep me company until I fall asleep first.

Mommy is the best in the world! ... well... only when she doesn't let me have some of her food! HEhehe! But I still love mommy no matter what! She's the best!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

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morgan dollar

A rare coin is only the most precious currency one can ever own. Nesh have a coin book FILLED with old coins from all around the world. Collected by her late grandmother and passed on to her, I am able to enjoy looking at the old coins and be facsinated by the historical cultures just looking at a mere rare coin.

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Cute Me!

Want to see me? Want to take a peek of me cute smile? Want to? Come see see!


Cute or not?? No no ... I'm not asking about Mommy Nesh... I'm talking about me! Look at me!! See my big googly puppy eye staring at you! Can see my smile?? I went "eeeeee" and someone took picture of me! Though, I don;t know who... *sweat*

I am so cute I want to kiss myself! Muax muax muax!! *Cough cough*...

.......... hair ball.... hee hee......

BT Total Broadband

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Friday, November 09, 2007

orlando hotels

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So lets go to Orlando since it's near holiday season! I want to celebrate Christmas there and find myself a hottie boyfriend!

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Cute and Adorable!

Want to see a cute picture? Want to see it? It is so cute! Ok have a look!

AAAAWW!! It is saying HIE to you. Isn't it just adorable?? So cute and white and cotton-like poochie! Woof woof!

Want to see another one? Wanna? Wanna? Ok share with you!

This one is just SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I can actually squeeze it with my two paws and it will still survive to tell the tale of the Queen Fluffy squeezing it!

Oooooh where have the youth gone... I used to be so young and adorable and always biting things happily... Now i'm already 10 years old... *sob sob*

Well I'm still young! Young at heart! See I'm blogging! It's the younsters thing but I'm 10 and doing the blogging!


I'm not old! Woof woof!

cash for houses

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Kenmore Washing Machines

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Winnie The Ninja?

Don't ask me why. Mommy Nesh is the one who puts the Ninja thingie over the Winnie The Pooh doll... *sweat*

Of course this picture was taken like 2 years ago. Just past few days only my mommy decided to throw Winnie The Pooh away because it is FILLED with broken strings and holes where all the cottons are bursting out like soap bubble!

Hate those things! Makes my nose super itchy!

But just that I found this interesting picture and thought I share with you all how silly Mommy Nesh is!

How can anyone change Winnie The Pooh to a ninja boy when he's fat and half naked?!

Cartridge Finder

I just hate it when I need to find the right cartridge for my printer. Some provide more inks but of less quality while some offers great quality but the prices are major problem for my wallet. It takes a long time to actually hunt for a good one that fits my printer like a matching couple!

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Monday, November 05, 2007

capella university

Technology is so powerful that even now, people can graduate with degree certificates online! No, I am not talking about fake degree certificates or worst, paying people to issue certificates for you without you studying.

That is WRONG.

I am talking about Capella University! This cool capella university offers online degree programs like business, information technology, education, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology while in bachelor's degree program they offer business, information technology, and public safety.

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Too Darn Cute

Can I share some pictures that are so cute you just want to pinch it? I just saw some of the pictures in Mommy Nesh's picture folder and saw a bunch of pictures about a dog. It is just so cute and adorable I thought I share with all of you and see you go "Aaaaaaww"

Ready? Ok here goes....

AAAAAWWW!!! IT'S SO DARN CUTE!!! It is just too much for me! Too much I tell you! Why Mommy Nesh never put me in cute baby suit and bring me out like that?? Then I can go kai-kai and see people!

My Second Humble Servant

Woof woof!

Remember earlier I mentioned about my first servant: Keeko?

Well I shall now present to you my second humble servant who bows to me as Queen of da House... Chloe!

Isn't she a beauty?? Well TOO BAD! Still have to serve me as Queen! Buahahahahah woof!! She's more timid than Keeko. Coming near me she has to crawl on the ground before I start growling at her for approaching without Queen's order.
Chloe and Keeko doesn't have the privilege to sleep in Mommy Nesh's room but they do hang around in Uncle Nick's room! Maybe cause they tend to 'mess' the floor often like puppies!
Someone need to teach them to have some house manners in my palace!
Woof woof!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Gas Rebate Credit Cards

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My Humble Servant

Introducing, one of my faithful servant in my house, Keeko! She's still a puppy now..about 1 year plus only. Okay I admit that she's cute and adorable. Belongs to my Uncle Nick (Mommy Nesh's brother).
BUT, I always hear Mommy Nesh complaining how naughty she can me! Well she's a puppy! Of course she's a brat!
Keeko doesn't really dare to come near me. Of course... a humble servant of Queen Fluffy do not just simply go forth and reach out to the Queen unless ordered to do so!
There's another servant. Will post it up some time soon!

Give Me (Good) Food!

THIS is what Mommy Nesh took! Can you believe it?? PORK! And she never left some for me!! Arg!! What is this?? This is an outrage! Here I am sitting at home eating plain and tasteless food while she enjoys a good meal outside!

I didn't know that until I visited and saw this picture. WOW it looks so gooOOOoood..... *slobber slobber*

How can she not give me a small piece to eat... atleast the bones are good enough!

Anybody care to give me some of this delicious food?? Pleaaaaasseeeeeeee...... *Puppy eye*

Buy Auto Truck ladder rack

Eat your heart out because the is ramming in to offer you the best price and quality service for you!

They have the greatest truck rack systems in the market industry. Some of the racks available are Flatbed Truck Racks, Pickup Truck Racks, Ladder Racks, Van Racks, Utility Bodies and Rack Accessories from Amer-Rac, Cross Tread, Kargo Master, ladder rack and More.

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Sugar Glider

Okay so Mommy Nesh DID brought home a new pet. THANK GOODNESS it's not a cat or a dog. This is bearable for me. Small and tiny... not a threat to my royalty position in this house.

Mommy Nesh lately got a new pet called Sugar Glider. Funny...doesn't look anything like a sugar to me... but it is a glider!

Sad thing is... Mommy Nesh now carries her more than she carries me... *whine whine* She talks to her the way she talks to me too!!


But I can't help it too... this Sugar Glider is SUPER ADORABLE!!!

Casino Reviews online poker

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

anxiety relief

You know, it is such an irritating thing when we go through the feeling of anxiety, nervous breakdown and stress. Yes, many would say it is a normal issue but as normal as it can be, it is unhealthy, for both human and animals.

Kona Kava Farm offers one of the best solutions to combat and prevent such unhealthy activity like anxiety relief: their safe and healthy supplements.

Their main ingredients are harvested from the volcanic slopes of Kona's Hualalai Mountain where all micro nutrients rich soil are found with the additional of perfect climate. With such pure ingredients, variety of organic Kava products are produced to help us with our mind and body.

Kava can actually be mixed with water or fruit or even vegetable juice that is super healthy and delicious even for children. They have products like Organic Vegan Chocolate and Hoodia Gordinii that has a hint of deliciousness in ever sip!

Find out more at their website!

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New Family Member? NO!!


Mommy Nesh told me she will be bringing a new family member home tomorrow! Oh noooooooo.... not another new family member... nooooo!! NOOOOO!!!! Argh!! I can't have Mommy Nesh to myself anymore! I can't rule the house anymore!

Who is she bringing home? A new dog? A new cat? Don't care! Any 'new member' is NOT WELCOMED into this house! Grrrr!! Woof woof!! That 'new member' better not sleep on my bed or touch my food or even try to be mushie with Mommy Nesh!

Or I'll bite him...or her... even if that 'new member' is a tiger!


top usa online casinos

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