Friday, March 14, 2008

Recycling Is Good

A good and well serviced engine can help prevent the nature from being polluted. Also one can enjoy lesser engine problems if taken good care of.

The midwest auto recycling fully specializes in used engines and transmissions. They make sure all these parts are assembled properly and to allow the engine to work in smooth and breeze condition! All miles are CARFAX verified so it is guarantee original! The assembly process consists of inspecting for compression, cylinder leak down tested, checking for oil pressure and make sure all areas are thoroughly cleaned!

So why do we want to continue hurting our nature when midwest auto recycling can help prevent it and allow us to live in a better world ahead!

Tortoise Missing

Mommy Nesh's tortoise is missing... she looks so sad! It is too bad Wizard is not around. He is the best snifflers in the town and he will find the tortoise for sure!

Gosh I just hope the tortoise is in good hands. I do not want to see her so sad and down. I can't even cheer her up like how I always does!

Well, maybe if I have some money I would go and buy her another cute tortoise as a pet!

Too bad, I'm a DOG.

Dog Sees?

Oh the posts are showing again! I am so happy! For a moment I thought it was gone or good! Almost had a heart attack!

Anyway many people ask whether does dog sees ghosts or spirits. HEhehe! Well why should I tell you? Maybe yes, maybe not!

This is a nature's question that us dogs are not allowed to answer. Should we say yes, then the world will see us differently. Should we say no, then the world will also start arguing about the existence of ghosts and spirits.

So our answer? "Don't Know!"

Super Radiator

I like to have a truck that has good Dodge Truck Radiator because I for sure really need radiator to be in perfect condition! an online based business for all kinds of automative radiators that you can find! All products are original and lifetime warranty!

On top of that, one can seek online consultation for anyone who are infamiliar with these technical issues by reading the articles being posted consistently.

Also customers can directly order from the distributor with even lower price than the normal store thus saving time and money!

So why go to the store when can offer even better!

New Family Member

Guess what!

Mommy Nesh is getting a new Sugar Glider again to keep Neshimaru company. I think they are so cute! Neshimaru is super cute and Nesh is adopting her sister now. She told me today she will be bringing the sister home.

I do hope the new Sugar Glider will not be too afraid of me! I wanna have more friends at home!


Test page. Hello!! I can't seem to see my post! Argh! I can see the list of posts in my admin but it is not posting it up online~!

Can anyone see it? Maybe my computer is acting up again. I hope nothing goes wrong with the blog. *Sob Sob*

Testing 1, 2, 3. Gosh even at testing page I am writing something.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Was Injured

I remember when I was out taking a walk, suddenly I heard screeching sound from behind. Next thing I knew, I was laying on the groud with blood coming out from my body. Turned out that the cyclist was riding really fast and checking out some girl walking at the recreational park and was not looking at where he was heading towards.

Worst was he shouted at me "Stupid! Stay away from my road!" He rode off without a single sorry to offer me.

I should have gotten a personal injury attorney Omaha. Larry Demerath helps people by offering his professional attorney skill for accidents like motor vehicle, farm accidents, workplace accidents and many more. I heard that he is very dedicated. He will make sure all angles are taken into account to get the best out of the result.

Next time I face such accidents again I will look for Larry D. for sure!

Red Clifford

Clifford is so cute! I want to meet this big red doggie! But how come there are red species? I've never heard of red dog before...maybe this is some new hybrid eh? Gosh I would love to meet this superstar. I will be so thrilled to get his paw-tograph and take a picture of me with him!

Hehehe!! I guess een as old as I am, I am still fanatic over superstars!

Girlfriend Choked To Death

Did anyone read the news today? A man practically choked his girlfriend to death after suspecting her of two-timing him with another man!

Man this is so dangerous... I mean what if one day Nesh have a new boyfriend and halfway during their courtship he suspects that she have someone else and kills her?


Hey even though she may have two-timed him, killing is not the answer. I guess anger does pay a price!


Man chokes girlfriend to death over alleged affair

AMPANG: An enraged boyfriend allegedly strangled his girlfriend for two-timing him.
The body of Siti Hajar Abdul Razak, 27, was found sprawled on the bed of their 15th floor apartment in Pandan Indah by a team of policemen.

The boyfriend, 32, gave himself up at the Pandan Indah police station and led police to the apartment yesterday.

He is said to have confronted Siti Hajar who worked at a nightclub in the city, at about 3.15pm on Sunday and had accused her of having an affair with another man.

The woman, who is from Perlis, is said to have had denied the accusation and a heated argument ensued.

After strangling her, the boyfriend, who sells clothes at the Selayang market, fled to his hometown in Negri Sembilan where he later confessed to his family that he had murdered his girlfriend.

His family members persuaded him to give himself up and brought him to the police station at about 5pm.

Siti Hajar's body was sent to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for a post-mortem.

Ampang OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Jalil Hassan said police have classified the case as murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.