Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cats In MY HOUSE? Bark! Bark!


Do you know how difficult it is to type with paws and not fingers?? Those smart humans should be smart enough to invent a keyboard that's easy for dogs to use!

Such a coooooold day today! Practically slept the whole day since it rained so much!

Mommy Nesh busy working as usual. So many noises passing by my house but my bark kept those noises away! Aren't I a good guard dog?

Was chasing a cat today! Bad cat went into my house.. MY HOUSE!! How dare that cat went into MY HOUSE without MY ORDERS, Shih Tzu Queen of da House!

Always coming in and wanting to steal my yummy tummy filling food. I chased the fella away. Bet he was so scared that he pee while running! Hehehe!

Mommy Nesh always scold me for doing that. Hmph! Bully! Never give me food from the table, never lets me chase cat, never this and never that! Why all mommys like that?

BUT I love it when she hug me so tight and go "Koochi koooochi koooooo!" or "Geee geee gaaa guuuuu!"

I had steamed hot dog today for dinner! Yummy~! Mommy Nesh forgot to buy Gardenia bread for me. So I was served like royalty with steamed hot dogs! Gobbled up EVERYTHING! Mommy Nesh always scold me for not chewing. Bully!

Hmph! No need to chew! Swallow is faster! Then I can continue chasing cats or going for tummy rub from Mommy Nesh! Hehe!

Time to sleep now! Mommy Nesh prepared my royalty bed for me already. Hey what can I say? I'm Shih Tzu Queen of da House!

Bark! Bark!

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