Friday, April 27, 2007

Home Spa For Me!

Wow yesterday Mommy Nesh seems to be in a good mood. I was pampered with a good massage for 1 full hour!!!

It was so nice that I fell asleep on her lap like a kitty cat and she quietly took pictures of me! Hehe!

Sniff out my lazy piggy look!

See that? See my lazy snoring face?

All she did the whole 1 hour was massaging my stomach, stratching my head, srtoke my hands, EVERYTHING!

Talk about Home Spa!


Will any of you give me a good Home Spa too?? Bark Bark! Woof!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pomeranian Thieves : Based on a True Story

Let me tell you a true story about a friend of mine who used to have two pomeranians.

That happened about say... 8 years ago?

He used to have two adorable pomeranians and people adore watching them. Particularly, there were these two girls who kept visiting his home and look at his pomeranians from outside. Sometimes even go near and pat them or let them lick their hands. See they live nearby, and practically almost neighbours with him.

One day, my friend came home from school to discover that his two pomeranians were missing! He looked around his house and finally, found the two pomeranians at the girls' place. He was shocked. Went there, opened the gate, and took it back.

Few days later, he came home again to discover the two pomeranians were missing again! Knowing it could be the work of the two girls, he went there to find the pomeranians there!

What the heck? He gave up and just let the girls have the pomeranians.

I personally think that those girls are totally UNEDUCATED! Stealing people's dog?? That is so wrong! What more they are practically neighbours, isn't that stupid!

It's like you're robbing the bank that is located at nearby corner of your house and you place the cash at the lawn.

I personally think he should have taken this to the authorities. I don't blame the girls but I blame the parents for allowing them to do such things!

What do you think?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What A Bitch!

Now this I gotta stand up for myself.

WHO THE HECK re-defined the term BITCH when the actual term is defined as a female dog?

I am a bitch! And it's true! I am a female shih tzu!

Thus, I am a Shih Tzu bitch. Say it LOUD, say it PROUD~!

Everyone are calling each other 'bitch' 'bitch' 'bitch'. So what does the term BITCH is for now?

Hey! I'm a dog! I only know what 'bitch' means to me. Anyone care to explain to a bitch what 'bitch' means to you??? :o)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh I'm so LAZY

Oh my goodness I'm not only a Shih Tzu Queen of da Howse... I'm LAZY Shih Tzu Queen of da Howse!

Look at my lazy face! Look at my lazy post! I'm such a slouch! Hehee!


*Click on the pix for bigger view*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Steal Mommy Nesh's Food!

Mommy Nesh is sick.


It was so nice bullying her today! Know what I did? Wanna know? Huh? Huh? I'll tell ya!

Mommy Nesh was caught with fever and sore throat. She could not do much during the night time when it's cold.

Thus while she was having her delicious mixed berry flavoured yogurt, someone was at the door. She left the yogurt at the coffee table. Short, and reachable...

Hehe you must be expecting what was going to happen next!

Yes! While she was gone, walking sickly towards the door, I jumped in and licked those delicious yogurt!!

YUMMY! It taste so good!

Mommy Nesh was so sick that even when she returned to her seat infront of the tv, she didn't realise I was still gulping up all her yogurt!

It took her 2 minutes to realised that her yogurt was missing! Turned around at the coffee table and tadaa!!

Cutey Fluffy get all the yummies!

She could not even scold me. Hehe! The sore throat was making her unable to scream at me. WOW she looked mad and hot-headed!

Nice to be naughty! Wonder when I'll get that mixed berry yogurt again!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sniff me out!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sleepy Royalty Me!

It was nice to sleep last night! Usually I would jump down the bed in the middle of the night to sleep on the floor and then wake Mommy Nesh again to carry me up on the bed when it gets cold. Yeah! I will make sure SHE WAKES UP and CARRY ME UP on the bed whenever it gets cold on the floor. Mommy Nesh never fails to ignore my command in this situation!

But last night it was just SO RIGHT about the weather and the bed that I slept through the night! Mommy Nesh said I was snoring. Yeah right... as if me... Shih Tzu Queen of da House would snore! Sooooo unroyalty!

Nicholas was at home with me today! Don't know why he didn't go to work. But it was nice to have him around even if he's a total pig! Yeah! He sleeps like a pig!

Hey I'm different! I'm a dog! I have my rights to sleep as much as I can! Hehhee!

There were more cats today! This morning the neighbour's cat came into my garden along with her kittens! Grrrrr! How DARE she tresspass my garden! Ruff! Ruff!

"No! Cannot disturb them!"

Hmph! That was what Mommy Nesh said. Bully! Don't even let me chase the cat! Ooooh it was just so tempting to run out and chase them around and see them all freaked out by my royalty presence! Hahaha! If Mommy Nesh not around I would chase them all around the garden!

Anyway take a look at my picture. That is Mommy Nesh hugging me! Aren't I a cutieeee???

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Hubby, Wizard

I miss my hubby. I love him very muchies! We had cute and adorable puppies before and things were so happy back then! Any other dogs come near me, I will bite them off!!

Only my Wizard, Cocker Spaniel King of da House, can be with me forever and ever!

We used to be inseparable back then. Spend so much time together from day to night and night to day running in the garden.

But one day, on 6th October 2005, which is my husband's birthday, Wizard left ... never came back. It was a stormy night and everything happened so sudden. Now he's gone forever...

I miss my deary Wizard. Ever since he left me, I became so lonely. I am a widow now. But happiness can also be found from Mommy Nesh and my human family. They keep me strong.

Still, no other dogs can replace my hubby tubbly wubbie. There are times I miss you so much I wish you were here.

Hubby, wait for me in Doggy Dog Heaven ya? Time will come when I will fly up there through the cotton clouds and find you waiting for me.

Love you!

Ruff ruff!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cats In MY HOUSE? Bark! Bark!


Do you know how difficult it is to type with paws and not fingers?? Those smart humans should be smart enough to invent a keyboard that's easy for dogs to use!

Such a coooooold day today! Practically slept the whole day since it rained so much!

Mommy Nesh busy working as usual. So many noises passing by my house but my bark kept those noises away! Aren't I a good guard dog?

Was chasing a cat today! Bad cat went into my house.. MY HOUSE!! How dare that cat went into MY HOUSE without MY ORDERS, Shih Tzu Queen of da House!

Always coming in and wanting to steal my yummy tummy filling food. I chased the fella away. Bet he was so scared that he pee while running! Hehehe!

Mommy Nesh always scold me for doing that. Hmph! Bully! Never give me food from the table, never lets me chase cat, never this and never that! Why all mommys like that?

BUT I love it when she hug me so tight and go "Koochi koooochi koooooo!" or "Geee geee gaaa guuuuu!"

I had steamed hot dog today for dinner! Yummy~! Mommy Nesh forgot to buy Gardenia bread for me. So I was served like royalty with steamed hot dogs! Gobbled up EVERYTHING! Mommy Nesh always scold me for not chewing. Bully!

Hmph! No need to chew! Swallow is faster! Then I can continue chasing cats or going for tummy rub from Mommy Nesh! Hehe!

Time to sleep now! Mommy Nesh prepared my royalty bed for me already. Hey what can I say? I'm Shih Tzu Queen of da House!

Bark! Bark!

Good Pill? Yuck!

Hooo humm... What a day... It's so nice to laze around all day barking at suspicious noises and watching the neighbours and sleep on the nice cozy chair...

My owner, Nesh, have been acting weird lately. Everyday she comes home she'll greet me. But lately, when she returns home she'll rush off upstairs and watch this huge flower pot on the study table. Overheard her mentioning to her mom about "baby fish" and "need lots of attenton".

Hey if there's anyone who needs lots of attention here is me! Shih Tzu Queen of da House! Hmph! Some lame fish try to take over my throne. Wait until no one's looking, I'll tumble that pot onto the floor! Hahaha!

Hardly slept last night. Nesh was tossing and turning. Got me so irritated. She kept pressing this button thingie that make some funny beep noise from that huge box sticking on the wall. I think it's called "Hair Bond" or something like that. Hair Bond? What in the world is that?! Doesn't sound good so keep that away from me. Still... I love sleeping in Nesh's room. So cold and cozy since weather is so hot! Wonder why it gets so cold in there...

Nesh was mean to me as usual. She never lets me beg for food. I hate it when she's having dinner with her mom cause this means I can never beg for food. But when she's not around, her nice and sweet mom will always give me a little of her share. Yummy! Sometimes i get to have nice chicken or maybe tiny bones. I wanted the big ones but her mom never let me have those. *CHEAP!* But when her mom is caught, she'll get scolding from Nesh! *EVIL!*

Nesh gave me something to swallow. It tasted aweful! She used such a dirty trick! She knew I always like her to rub my tummy and once I tumbled around and showed my tummy to her while laying on the floor, she quickly grabbed my mouth and put something inside. Yuck! I had no chance of running or spitting it out. ARG! It tasted to bad I can still taste it! Said "It's good for you! You got tummy ache!"

I know I had tummy ache but it's only a tummy ache! It'll go away! Hmph! Bully!

Oh wait... I hear Nesh calling me now. Yay time to sleep in her room and cuddle with her and have her hugging me! So warm and cozy... aaah...!! Coming Nesh!

I love my girl!