Saturday, July 28, 2007

Handsome Cat

Have you seen Mommy Nesh's Kitty Kat? She calls him 'Handsome' *Blech* How disguisting...

Mommy Nesh was busy taking pictures of Handsome *rolling eyes* and transfered them into her computer. I took this fine and dandy opportunity to put it up and how Handsome *roll eyes again* he is? You decide!

Handsome constantly visits her though he is NOT REALLY HER REAL PET. She showers her with milk and canned food like her very own preciousssss....

Hmph! I'll bite Handsome when I see him! Grrrr!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Need Hair Cut!

Hie! Look at my messy hair! Hehehe! Mommy Nesh never comb for me after bath. I can't see!! Grrr!

My hair so long I need to get a hair cut soon. Can someone PLEASE remind Mommy Nesh to give me a good hair cut or tie my hair up nicely??

If not I will start to bump into chairs and get a major headache!

*Whine whine*

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Keep Cash coupons

Shopping at Keep Cash is the BEST! So many merchants are available to be scrolled around and hunt for products. It is so convenient to shop at Keep Cash since I don't have to get out and about in a hot weather and miss my favourite soap operas!

Do you know, Keep Cash has coupons codes available? Not just a simple coupons codes, a coupon codes that offer DISCOUNTS! With any merchants available in Keep Cash website, you can have discounts that can blow your mind!

I already set my eyes on a good set of fashion fever from Fashion Bug! With Fashion Bug coupons, I can get discounts from $10 to $20!! I am definitely having a fever for fashion now at the same time saving up my money!

Keep Cash website updates their website daily so you won't have to miss any good bargains with discount coupons!
They offer many other merchants here! You can easily visit the merchant list of over 1,000 of them and find anything that may interests you into getting a great discount for the product you are looking for.
Not to worry. It is very easy to shop at keep cash! They make the process very user-friendly so EVERYONE can shop from home while watching television or any other activities!
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Wizard Boy

Awwww this cocker spaniel reminds me to Wizard boy my late hubby!

A little about Wizard, do you know he used to be in the MKA training obedient school? He only went to basic but Mommy Nesh says that though he wasn't the best in the centre, he was the best in the class!

Wizard won third placing during the BASIC examination while the first two was from another centre. Thus this makes Wizard the first in his class!

Whenever Mommy Nesh brings him out he never run far but follow her closely by her side. He never chase anything except for... CATS!! Like me!!

He's in Heaven now happilly flying around with his new set of wings! Hehehe! So cute just to imagine!

Well Roasted Coffee Directory

I have heard of normal business directories but have any of you heard of coffee directory??

There is actually such directory called The Coffee Directory!

This Well Roasted Coffee Directory is an online based directory that link to lots of coffee businesses, cafes, even coffee art blogs and podcast! Latest new category is the Coffee TV filled with coffee related videos!
Cool isn't it!
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Looking back...

Look look!

AAAAWWWW.... this little puppy is SO CUTE!!

I'm so old now... counting the years, I am already around 10 years old! Not cute and cuddly like the puppy here... *sob sob*

My hubby Wizard must be waiting eagerly in Heaven for me.

Wait darling hubby! Fluffy Muffly will meet you one day! But I still need to be with Mommy Nesh cause she needs me!

Looking at this puppy makes me remember my own puppies too!! Aaaww all so cute and lovely... until Mommy Nesh sold all away!!!

GRRRRR!!! Ruff ruff!!! *Bite Mommy Nesh*

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Daily Veggies Free Sample

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crazy Cats

Woof woof!! This is REAL FUNNY!! Watch and laugh with meeee!! Woof woof!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thomas & Suzy : The Penguins

I wonder what these two penguins are saying to each other if we all speak penguin language...

Long time ago, there lived two innocent penguins in the cold country of Antartica (Or is it Artica? Which country have penguins and which don't have?).

One day, Thomas (the penguin on the left) started a conversation with Suzy (the penguin on the right), and their life changed drastically then...

Thomas : Suzy, you see that?

Suzy : What?

Thomas : There... up there... is that ... UFO?

Suzy : Where? Where?!

Thomas then reached out his arms ... and ...

What you think Thomas did?? Anyone can give in their whacky thoughts?? I know AceOne118 has TONS of dirty ideas!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Mommy Nesh gave me a good bath again! I love baths! Many doggie friends of mine hate baths but me like bath! Why?

Cause Mommy Nesh knows how to give me a SPA!

  1. She prepares a big tub!
  2. Then add in 2 part of boiled water and 1 parts of cold water.
  3. Squeeze in some shampoo and bubble it up.

That's who Mommy Nesh gives me a gooooood bath! She will scrub me using a scrub and I'll fall asleep...


Ohe let me show you something cute to make your day!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lazy Fluffy Muffly

Wanna see the lazy me?

Gosh I'm SO lazy I don't even comb my hair!