Monday, October 29, 2007

Gone and Back

WOW have I been missing!! Mommy Nesh been away for quite some time I was not able to open her room door to use her computer!

Anyone miss me?

Recently Mommy Nesh brought home a cat. Can you believe it? A CAT! As though she never understand that I totally hates cats, she brought home a cat!

She might as well invite Britney Spears here and do the stupid dance that she did over the weird music "Gimme More"

This is the cat:

She calls him ASTRO. OMG that is such a stupid name! My name is so much better! Fluffy! See! When you say it, it sounds so good!


Argh I've been replaced by Astro! Must chase him away!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Home garages

Garages are very common and will have one in every houses you pass by. But what does people put in their garages remains a mystery unless they open it wide enough for passer by to look-see.

Our house garage is very simple. It is mainly for a car but we also keep our bicycles in there. It is more like a store room rather than some hang out place. Sometimes we use that place to do some woodworking things as well since all the gadgets are kept in the garages like paint and saws.

This is how we use our garage! A typical usage alright!

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Walking on Two Paws

How is it that Mommy Nesh and the rest can walk on 2 paws? I mean.. they must have practiced balancing for a really long time already! I keep trying to stand on my two paws and still fall down!

Mommy Nesh say that there are some dogs that can stand on two paws and walk like human! I wanna meet these dogs and ask them to teach me! Too bad I can't find their blogs. Hardly any dogs blog... *whine whine*

When I know how to stand on two paws, I can easily steal food from the coffee table! Weeee!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Mommy Nesh Is Sick

Oh dear Mommy Nesh is sick. Poor mommy... she's been so busy and hardly stay at home. Always going to a place called 'office' and everytime she say the term 'office', I can also hear the word 'f*cked up'.

Wonder why is she so angry. Life is so fun and slow! I eat, sleep and play everyday! Mommy Nesh should be like me! Then she will look more cheerful and happy!

I wonder if any of my friend's master are as unhappy and sick as Mommy Nesh. I wish I can make her happy...

*Whine whine*