Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gold : Growing Trend

I realise the trend of buying gold bars are evergreen. Everybody is interested to invest in gold because the market price keeps on increasing by the years. The purpose of buy and sell offers great returns if one is patience enough to keep those gold bars long enough.

This practice have been around since the Egyptians time when Cleopatra rule the land. Gold is the ultimate growing bank for anyone who owns them.

In fact, gold are like wine, the longer it is, the more valuable they are. Amazing isn't it?

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I'm Wide Awake!

It's approximately 6.00am right now and I am wide awake. Mommy Nesh had to wake up to check the air conditioner because it was making loud noises. Only to discover it was filty, she had to wash the filter but after that, both Mommy and I can't sleep anymore...

It's very annoying to know that I could have gone to my sweet dreams if it weren't for the silly air conditioner!

Not a single cat for me to chase either... hmph! Woof woof!