Monday, September 24, 2007

shopping cart

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What is that on her ear?

What is that thing on Mommy Nesh's ear? What is it? It's shining and dangling... so many different sizes and patterns.

What is it? How come I see her wearing it everyday? Is it a must for all human to wear? Is it? It looks nice on her. Maybe I should get one myself too! But I realised that the thing goes THROUGH the ear! Does that mean I need to have ears with holes too??


Sounds painful! But looks so cursiouly interesting that I just gotta have it!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mexico Vacation

I want to go for a good vacation. Oh I need a vacation to refresh and rejuvenate my life! There must be more to life than just being cooped up within the house right? Right!

I think I shall head for a good Mexico Vacation and stay in the glamourous Karisma Hotel!

Karisma Hotels and Resorts speacializes in hosptality management that will for sure treat you like a King and Queen there. They offer hotel management, sales, and marketing services to third party hotel owners and hotel asset managers!

Karisma also owns few selected hotel properties and currently operating five in Mexico and Caribbean. With the supporting of a team of professionals and employee in both hotel operations and corporate offices, clients and customers will definitely enjoy every services they receive from Karisma!

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Cute Me!

This is me and Mommy Nesh! Look how cute I am!! Aaaaww! I'm a cute little Queen! See my eyes are so big and round. Look at my elegent pose. I can beat all the doggie pictures in the calender! I should be in the calenders!
The only thing missing in this picture is my crown.
Where's my crown??!!
Must make sure Mommy Nesh get me a crown to wear. I need my royalty crown to show everyone I'm the true Queen of the house!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Farm Worker'd Head Crushed

Accidents are getting worst by the day. I hear from Mommy Nesh talking to her mom about accidents constantly happening among the buses especially.

Today's news is rather interesting... a bus and lorry crashed and still the lorry can escape! Still cannot be found yet. How silly is that? Lorry is so big from the way I see it from Mommy Nesh's car window. It's even clumsier than a tortoise yet can escape!


Farm worker’s head crushed in road accident

IPOH: A farm worker died a horrific death when his head was crushed in an accident involving an express bus and a lorry at the 15th kilometre of Jalan Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands, near here.

Ipoh traffic chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Rodzi Rajab said the victim, Myanmar national Myint Soe, 23, was sitting next to the window of the bus in the 2pm incident on Wednesday.
"His head was struck by the wooden barricade of the lorry, which broke off when the two vehicles grazed against each other.

"The Express Kurnia Bistari bus was on its way to Cameron Highlands with 29 passengers while the lorry was travelling in the opposite direction," said DSP Mohd Rodzi.
It is believed that the lorry had swerved onto the opposite lane while trying to overtake another vehicle, he said.

"The bus driver immediately stopped his vehicle (after the accident) but the lorry had already fled the scene by then," he added.

DSP Mohd Rodzi said two other passengers on the bus, who sustained cuts from the broken glass and wood splinters, were given outpatient treatment at the Ipoh Hospital.

"We appeal to witnesses or anyone who comes across a three-tonne lorry that is painted white on its front and damaged on the right hand side to come forward with information," he said.

Those with information should call investigating officer Asst Supt Farid (012-9513464).


So if any of you have any information about the idiot driver or witnessed the accident do help the society by calling the number.

You might save Mommy Nesh's life! Hwy who knows... the stupid driver might be roaming around my area!

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I Fell Down The Stairs

I fell down from the stairs just yesterday... *whine whine*.

I was very excited when I saw Mommy Nesh returns home from work. I was running around in excitement biting my toys and throwing it up in the air. I felt like I was running so fast around the house!

Then as I followed Mommy Nesh up the stairs I somehow missed a step and... *Tong Tong Tong* I went down the stairs! I must have fell down three steps! Yes! It was that serious!

Mommy Nesh just look at me and chuckled while I regain my steadiness and feeling blur.

This will teach me not to run up the stairs!

Boring Tortoise

Mommy Nesh's new tortoise is really interesting... it just swims up and down and keep banging on the aquarium glass assuming that it can swim through!

I wonder why Mommy Nesh bought it. I just sit there and stare at the tortoise ... just stare... as it swims up and down... and I find no reason why Mommy Nesh wants to keep it. It bites too!

Such a boring creature! Looks like it doesn't have a life within the huge aquarium. At least I get to walk around the house and do whatever I want!

*Nyeh nyeh nyeh!*

Heheheh! I'm glad I'm not a tortoise!!

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Train The Doggies!

Woof woof!!

So bored here...I'm stuck in Mommy Nesh's room with two other young doggies. They are driving me crazy! All they do is play play play! I can get really frustrated with their noises!

Can't an old lady take a good rest? I'm like 11 human years old already! Too old for fun and games! Why can't Uncle Nick just give them away! It's my home! MINE! No other doggies can have my home!

Well... unless they bow to me! HEhee! Hmm... that's a good idea... I should start training these two pups to respect me and bow to me as Queen of the house!!

Like NS Training!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Improve Your Living Style

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Doggie Nightmare

I had a nightmare! *Whine whine* It was a scary nightmare and I kept Sleep Barking all night that Mommy Nesh had to wake me up to save me from the scary dream.

I dreamt I was relaxing outside the porch where the sun was shinning down. I just took my bath and love to sun bathe after that. It was a sunny day and clear blue sky. Just as I was settling down on the porch to get the good sun light...

My neighbour's cat passed by!

I stood up on my four paws and just stare at it. The orange fat cat... just like the irritating Garfield! He sat directly infront of me and snickered as though I was a nobody.

I growled!

But suddenly... that cat turned more evil than ever! It just grew bigger and bigger and the eyes grew more nasty than I have ever seen!

It started chasing me! I tried to run! But I turned into a slow-mo sloth! It was nearing! I couldn't escape anymore!



Mommy Nesh
saved me by waking me up!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

NOD32 Antivirus

What better service to get the best Computer Security Software than a dependable Software Secutiry Solution?


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bed Disaster

Woof woof!!

Last night me and Mommy Nesh were fighting over a pillow. She's so selfish! Had to take over the whole of it!

I only wanted half side of the pillow!! So hard for me to sleep! Grrr!!

Sometimes I wish I have my own bed... when will Mommy Nesh buy me a pretty bed with laces and doggy bone prints on it and it's musical that goes "How much is that doooogie in the window... Woof woof!"

I would definitely NOT share it with Mommy Nesh! It's mine!! All mine!! Hahahaha!!!

Woof woof!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Home Improvements

Do you remember the Disney Series show HOME IMPROVEMENT? I enjoyed watching the show and tried not to miss a single episodes!

Well speaking of home improvement, Anglian Home Improvements offers great services to help improve ones home for the better living style.

Their offered services are Kitchens, Garage Conversions, Garage Doors, Driveways, Rooftrim, Conservatories, uPVC Doors, and uPVC Windows.

Oh yeah the windows can have a great Double glazing view which you will find very fitting for your style.

If you want some home improvements for your family or yourself, get Anglian to shange your home into your own palace!

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My Food Stolen!

Woof woof!! Look at me!! I'm a dog who blogs! Woof woof!! So long since I have last blogged and my paws are getting itchy.

Guess what?? A bird came into the house and ate all my food!!!


Chased that idiotic bird until I was practically out of breath! Should have seen my saliva dripping all over... can put it in a cup and drink it back.

Wooooof!!! Next time i'll be smarter than the bird...

I'll eat up my food first before the bird comes!!