Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good Pill? Yuck!

Hooo humm... What a day... It's so nice to laze around all day barking at suspicious noises and watching the neighbours and sleep on the nice cozy chair...

My owner, Nesh, have been acting weird lately. Everyday she comes home she'll greet me. But lately, when she returns home she'll rush off upstairs and watch this huge flower pot on the study table. Overheard her mentioning to her mom about "baby fish" and "need lots of attenton".

Hey if there's anyone who needs lots of attention here is me! Shih Tzu Queen of da House! Hmph! Some lame fish try to take over my throne. Wait until no one's looking, I'll tumble that pot onto the floor! Hahaha!

Hardly slept last night. Nesh was tossing and turning. Got me so irritated. She kept pressing this button thingie that make some funny beep noise from that huge box sticking on the wall. I think it's called "Hair Bond" or something like that. Hair Bond? What in the world is that?! Doesn't sound good so keep that away from me. Still... I love sleeping in Nesh's room. So cold and cozy since weather is so hot! Wonder why it gets so cold in there...

Nesh was mean to me as usual. She never lets me beg for food. I hate it when she's having dinner with her mom cause this means I can never beg for food. But when she's not around, her nice and sweet mom will always give me a little of her share. Yummy! Sometimes i get to have nice chicken or maybe tiny bones. I wanted the big ones but her mom never let me have those. *CHEAP!* But when her mom is caught, she'll get scolding from Nesh! *EVIL!*

Nesh gave me something to swallow. It tasted aweful! She used such a dirty trick! She knew I always like her to rub my tummy and once I tumbled around and showed my tummy to her while laying on the floor, she quickly grabbed my mouth and put something inside. Yuck! I had no chance of running or spitting it out. ARG! It tasted to bad I can still taste it! Said "It's good for you! You got tummy ache!"

I know I had tummy ache but it's only a tummy ache! It'll go away! Hmph! Bully!

Oh wait... I hear Nesh calling me now. Yay time to sleep in her room and cuddle with her and have her hugging me! So warm and cozy... aaah...!! Coming Nesh!

I love my girl!



babyfiona said...

bad fluffy or Not. Maybe Owner hahaha, such a bully rite?

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

I'm not a bully! It's for her own good! Yes or not Fluffy?? Hehe!!