Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Steal Mommy Nesh's Food!

Mommy Nesh is sick.


It was so nice bullying her today! Know what I did? Wanna know? Huh? Huh? I'll tell ya!

Mommy Nesh was caught with fever and sore throat. She could not do much during the night time when it's cold.

Thus while she was having her delicious mixed berry flavoured yogurt, someone was at the door. She left the yogurt at the coffee table. Short, and reachable...

Hehe you must be expecting what was going to happen next!

Yes! While she was gone, walking sickly towards the door, I jumped in and licked those delicious yogurt!!

YUMMY! It taste so good!

Mommy Nesh was so sick that even when she returned to her seat infront of the tv, she didn't realise I was still gulping up all her yogurt!

It took her 2 minutes to realised that her yogurt was missing! Turned around at the coffee table and tadaa!!

Cutey Fluffy get all the yummies!

She could not even scold me. Hehe! The sore throat was making her unable to scream at me. WOW she looked mad and hot-headed!

Nice to be naughty! Wonder when I'll get that mixed berry yogurt again!



babyfiona said...

then u should wish everyday that ur mommy is sick.hahahah

Mommy Nesh said...

*Stares*... Don't push it Fiona! :oÞ Kakaka!

babyfiona said...

wahahaha, fluffy will damn happy lar wei, once in a blue moon only what