Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Cleopatra was always wearing gold all over her body. From the top to the bottom, she was covered in gold. It didn't just proven her power but also her wealth in her status. Back then gold was very valuable. Until now gold still does has their value.

They are like wine, the longe a person keep them, the higher the value of the gold is. Market is never on the low side. Everybody are always demanding for gold because it is a good way to keep their wealth.

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Bored Day

What is Master doing now anyway? She's always at her computer. I wanted to chase some cats but she firmly told me not too ... I'm so bored here!

I can't just sleep all day ... I don't have the appetite to eat ... though ... a nice bowl of sausages would be lovely!

Gosh it's so hot outside now I wish Master would give me a cold bath! I'm starting to stink for Heaven sake!

My Precious ...

Recently the cat that have been coming to my house lately just gave birth some place nearby. I can actually her the kittens' meow-ing every now and then.

It kind of reminds me of my days when I used to have my own puppies to raise. On my first batch, I lost three during birth but one strong little one survived. Master named her Precious rather than the common 'Lucky'. I liked it.

I miss Precious ... Master's mother needed to let Precious go so Precious was sent to Master's Aunt to take care.

I heard that Precious is gone already due to cancer. My heart broke when I heard that from Master. Precious was my first born pup.

Mommy loves you, Precious!