Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paris Hilton calls Paris Hilton

Hey I was just thinking of some funny and interesting joke. Well it is not really a joke but more like sarcastic.

Okay we all know who Paris Hilton is right? Duh!

Let's picture this, Paris Hilton calling one of her daddy's hotel branch at Paris.

Paris Hilton : Hello. This is Paris Hilton.

Hilton Hotel : Yes this is Paris Hilton. How can I help you?

Paris Hilton : Oh great you can recognise my voice! Just installed caller ID maybe? Anyway prepare a suite for me at the highest floor.

Hilton Hotel : Yes ma'am. May I have your name please.

Paris Hilton : Paris Hilton.

Hilton Hotel : Yes this is Paris Hilton now can I have your name please?

Paris Hilton : It's Paris Hilton!

Hilton Hotel : Yes it is very enthusiastic to mention our hotel name and getting excited but I need your name to book a suite for you ma'am.


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