Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spark Up Your Social Life!

If you have never noticed (due to busy schedules or too busy blogging), IZEA have already launched their latest social network earlier January 2008 and it is called SocialSpark!

SocialSpark is actually a place that holds a community of advertisers and bloggers to get together. This allows advertisers to personally interact with bloggers and offering opportunities to those who takes pay per post version of advertising. Advertisers also are able to get to know their clients personally to understand their range of potential market in the blogging world.

Bloggers also benefit from this as they are able to directly communicate with advertisers, they can offer personal 'interview' with the advertisers to gain higher chances in obtaining the opportunities.

I have personally went through a tour ever since IZEA invited me to be part of the community and am marvelled by the whole system. This will hold the community stronger between bloggers and advertisers thus engaging a widee network in the blogging world.

If you have not signed in at SocialSpark yet, then you are missing loads! SocialSpark will bring in greater chances for you to obtain opportunities and earn even more. On top of that, you can create a better and more positive relationship with advertisers as well as bloggers!

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