Sunday, April 27, 2008

Strays being poisoned

Strays being poisoned

A NURSING home manager in Old Klang Road has alleged that certain quarters are on a dog-poisoning spree in the city.

Prakash Singam claimed that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) dog-catching unit might be behind this.

According to the 33-year-old, he first spotted food being thrown out to dogs from a DBKL van cruising around his neighbourhood early this year.

“There were three men in the van, including the driver, and they were throwing food from the vehicle’s side door,” said Prakash.

Traumatised: Leia recuperating at the veterinary clinic after her ordeal.

He said the stray dogs in the area immediately rushed towards the food and began eating them.
Realising that something was amiss, Prakash said he rushed towards the dogs and shooed them away from the food but some of the dogs had already started eating the food by then.

“A dog, which ate the most began foaming at the mouth and became disoriented,’’ said Prakash, adding that he didn’t see the dog again after that.

He said he also found a dead dog in a monsoon drain near his home a day after the incident.

But his real nightmare took place last week when his two dogs, Leia and Dopey, were taken ill.
“In the evenings we usually let them out for a while. One evening they returned home foaming at the mouths,” he said.

He said both his dogs were licensed and never ventured far when let out and usually just hung around the front gate.

“Dopey was not so serious and we managed to nurse him back to health but Leia had to be treated at a veterinary clinic for about a week,’’ said Prakash.

He added there were burn marks inside her throat and the veterinarian who treated Leia said the dog had suffered a bad case of pesticide poisoning.

Meanwhile, SPCA chairman Christine Chin said a volunteer pet rescuer had also informed her that some people had also seen several men throwing chicken heads to dogs in the Jalan Kuching vicinity from a DBKL van.

Apparently after consuming the food, the dogs started foaming at the mouth and later died.
When contacted Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said it was hard to believe that DBKL was behind the poisoning spree.

“I strongly believe the DBKL’s dog- catching unit will not resort to such an inhumane and cruel method of countering the problem of stray dogs,’’ said Saravanan.

However, he added that he would look into the matter as soon as possible.


See this article? It's disguisting. It's cruel. It's inhumane with brainless and stupid and even major idiotic actions. Yes... if you are reading this and you are the person doing it, you have been officially been classified by nationwide as STUPID! BODOH! CACAT!

These are penakut, inhumane, cruel, selfish, and even so, brainless for not thinking properly before deciding to do such crazy ideas! But it is confirmed that it is really DBKL though... just suspecting so I hope the authorities or the NGOs do quickly find out who does such actions.

If this continue and it is really by DBKL, I will personally join a strike at their headquarter! Throw all the poor dead animals at their premises and let them smell the cruel odor they have created.

Poor animals... hey let's not forget even cats would go to the pile and eat the leftovers the dogs place. Thus cats are also in danger of getting poisoned.

What about crows? They eat the left overs as well and sometimes even fight with dogs to get the best part of the meat.With this actions, there are many animals in danger of getting poisoned!

The place will be filled with dead creatures. And there's more, with so many dead bodies around, people are more prone to getting diseased especially when curious children go nearby and poke around. BACTERIA!

So many problems created with one cruel actions... this is not good.

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