Friday, December 07, 2007

Ugly Disease

Did you see mommy's blog? There was an interesting post and she was making some funny pictures about a colleague and it was so funny!!

Hehehe!! Wonder who that person is... She told me NEVER to bite him if I ever see him. Said that if I bite him, I will be infected by his UGLY DISEASE and everyone will hate me! Wow he must be VERY UGLY!

I should post up something like this too! I'll draw a picture of the ugly neighbour's cat that constantly come over to steal mommy's goldfish, post it up here and let everyone knows how UGLY that cat it!

Hahahahahaha woof woof!!

Serious! That cat likes to come over and eat up mommy's goldfish at the garden pond! Such a bad cat! Hmph!

Woof woof!

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