Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Goldfish Dinner

Woof woof!! The home is all mine as usual. Nobody is around to keep me company so I thought I do some blogging!

Guess what?

My stupid neighbour's cat has been coming to Mommy Nesh's mini fish pond (actually a big round flower pot with fishes) and eating her goldfish! Yes! That idiotic feline is eating up all my mommy's goldfish and now looking all fat like Garfield!

Just look at this ugly cat! UGH! Makes me want to barf out all my doggie treats just looking at this ugly character!

Worst is my neighbour's cat looks EXACTLY like Garfield and now stealing goldfish
for his own fiesta!

This is too much! Not at my house you don't! Soon I will hide myself among the bushes and wait for the ugly feline to drop by for another treats.


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