Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Care for Dogs

You know, keeping a dog as pet is not as hard as those lazy idiotics say it is. Don't listen to those who have no effort in taking care of their dog.

Taking care of a dog is just like taking care of a child only easier. Dogs eat 2 to 3 meals a day like human. We are social animals so need to 'talk' with people everyday. We need to be roaming free like people and not caged up like people being locked up in the room. We need some play time the way people need to watch TV. We also need to take bath like people, only not every like people but once or twice a week!

See? Now tell me, where is it that says dogs are difficult to handle?

If you say that some dogs are aggressive to their owners then you are wrong. Dogs become aggressive to their owners is because the owners do not take care of them and care for them like their own family. When dogs are deprived of social life and proper food, then they will become grumpy.


When people are deprived of social activity and food, they become grumpy and depressed too!

See? Taking care of dogs is not very hard. Just think of us like humans and you will know what we need for a healthy growth and a loving family!

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