Friday, November 23, 2007

To Love and Be Loved

Where is the justice in this? Us DOGS have the title "Man's Best Friend" for a reason. We are here not to be typical nuisance to the community. We are here to be loyal and be a friend to human, to live and love each other like real family bonding.

Why are there so many strays out there?

My fellow friends, homeless and eating dirty food. Why? Because many humans tend to breed too many and when they couldn't handle it, they throw the puppies out! Why? Because you humans only care for the PEDIGREE and forget the mongrels. Let me confirm with every one of you that I am not a pure Shih Tzu myself but a mix of few breeds. Thus I have a say in this!

My mommy told me two story that changed both hers and my life.

Here is one of the story:
"Back in the days when we were still staying in the old house, we had many stray cats behind. I constantly feed them and play with them. I even shouted at kids before for throwing stones at the poor cats. Yes they do sometimes steal food but they did it out of desperation. If my family throw me out of the house I would beg and steal food too."

"One day, I noticed some of the kittens from the new batch are missing. I talked to the maid behind and she told me that a neighbour of few houses away from mine adopted it. To my suprise, they took two of the best looking kittens while the ugly coloured ones with pale white and pale grey are left to the life of strays."

"The selfishness of most human to choose only the best can easily be seen in this simple case. Fluffy, I chooe you not because you are part Shih Tzu. Besides, you are a typical mixed of few breeds. I choose you because I know that if I don't adopt you, your previous owner will give you to some one else who might mistreat you or worst, to the dog pound or even worser... to left astray."

Yes Mommy Nesh isn't my first owner. I had 2 at first. First one was actually my mother's owner. My first owner couldn't take care of me, and gave me to my second owner. He kept me in cage all the time and hardly able have the time to play with me or spend time with me.

Then he gave me to Mommy Nesh. She love me so much. No cages, no loneliness. I spend time with her every second she is at home, even when sleeping, she lets me sleep on her bed and we sometimes fight for the pillow.

A dog is not just for guarding the house. A dog is not just for the fun of showing off in a beauty show. A dog is not for the entertainment of abusive activity. A dog is not for cages unless necessary. A dog is not for temporary fun and then when bored, thrown out onto the road like an old toy for it to hope for a new owner....but maybe ended up in MPSJ dog pound.

A dog is to love and be loved.

Simplest sentence that explains the true purpose of a dog.

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