Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Puetty Pueeeseee

Mommy Nesh just gave me a good scolding just now. *Whine whine* I was just wanting to be friendly... I wanna make fwens with the cute wittle sugar glider... *Whine whine*

I went near to say hie and the suggie glider growled at me. Then mommy heard me and scolded me before I could explain (if I can ever). *Whine whine*

Mommy dun wuv me anymore. She wuv the wittle suggie glider.... will any of you be my fwen??

(Heh heh heh! And when someone does I will take over the new house and rule as the Queen of the house and will chase away all cats and squirrels so every animals know it's my territory!)

*Whine whine* Pwuetty pueeeseee.......

(Heh heh heh..... MUAHAHAHAHHA!!!)

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