Friday, November 16, 2007

Fruit Art

I stumbled upon few very interesting pictures! People can actually make figurines of animals out of oranges! Yes! Those orange skin that you constantly throw it away after you eat... well some creative guy recycled it and make animal figurines out of it!

This is just so cool! I want to try it when I have enough oranges at home and make a figurine that looks exactly like me!

Take a look and inspire yourself! Who knows, I might just post up your very own art of work and say "Oh how creative this guy/girl is!


babyfiona said...

wow! this is so so so CREATIVE ler! Next time when I am done with my fruit, I will left all the skin for you to try. Hor fluffy? :P

Fluffy the Muffly Dog said...

Woof woof!! If I have fingers to do it wor... *whine whine*