Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wizard Boy

Awwww this cocker spaniel reminds me to Wizard boy my late hubby!

A little about Wizard, do you know he used to be in the MKA training obedient school? He only went to basic but Mommy Nesh says that though he wasn't the best in the centre, he was the best in the class!

Wizard won third placing during the BASIC examination while the first two was from another centre. Thus this makes Wizard the first in his class!

Whenever Mommy Nesh brings him out he never run far but follow her closely by her side. He never chase anything except for... CATS!! Like me!!

He's in Heaven now happilly flying around with his new set of wings! Hehehe! So cute just to imagine!


babyfiona said...

Miss him as well.. *sob sob* and that remind me of hammie and minnie..*sob sob*

Fluffy the Muffly Dog said...

Aawww dun cry dun cry... find a new pair of hamster lor...