Monday, July 23, 2007

Need Hair Cut!

Hie! Look at my messy hair! Hehehe! Mommy Nesh never comb for me after bath. I can't see!! Grrr!

My hair so long I need to get a hair cut soon. Can someone PLEASE remind Mommy Nesh to give me a good hair cut or tie my hair up nicely??

If not I will start to bump into chairs and get a major headache!

*Whine whine*


babyfiona said...

aiyoyoyo you mommy so lazy ar..leave your hair look like a sweeper. ;p

i shall go and poke your mommy head to remind her . Ok?



AceOne118 said...

Woof-woof! Mommy nesh dowan you ledi. Try to escape. You know where to find me wan.! Woof!

Fluffy the Muffly Dog said...

[Aceone118] : You can feed me every 4 hours or not??? If can then you're HIRED as my new owner!

[Babyfiona] : Hahha! Ok! Ok! Ok! Poke poke until she remember to tie up my hair or cut it off! I keep banging into things!

KennetH said...

so cute....I have a Poddle..hehe~~

Fluffy the Muffly Dog said...

[Kenneth] : Wow u have a poodle?? Is it hard to maintain the fur? Gosh looks scary the fur! But poodle is SO CUTE!!