Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Farm Worker'd Head Crushed

Accidents are getting worst by the day. I hear from Mommy Nesh talking to her mom about accidents constantly happening among the buses especially.

Today's news is rather interesting... a bus and lorry crashed and still the lorry can escape! Still cannot be found yet. How silly is that? Lorry is so big from the way I see it from Mommy Nesh's car window. It's even clumsier than a tortoise yet can escape!


Farm worker’s head crushed in road accident

IPOH: A farm worker died a horrific death when his head was crushed in an accident involving an express bus and a lorry at the 15th kilometre of Jalan Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands, near here.

Ipoh traffic chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Rodzi Rajab said the victim, Myanmar national Myint Soe, 23, was sitting next to the window of the bus in the 2pm incident on Wednesday.
"His head was struck by the wooden barricade of the lorry, which broke off when the two vehicles grazed against each other.

"The Express Kurnia Bistari bus was on its way to Cameron Highlands with 29 passengers while the lorry was travelling in the opposite direction," said DSP Mohd Rodzi.
It is believed that the lorry had swerved onto the opposite lane while trying to overtake another vehicle, he said.

"The bus driver immediately stopped his vehicle (after the accident) but the lorry had already fled the scene by then," he added.

DSP Mohd Rodzi said two other passengers on the bus, who sustained cuts from the broken glass and wood splinters, were given outpatient treatment at the Ipoh Hospital.

"We appeal to witnesses or anyone who comes across a three-tonne lorry that is painted white on its front and damaged on the right hand side to come forward with information," he said.

Those with information should call investigating officer Asst Supt Farid (012-9513464).


So if any of you have any information about the idiot driver or witnessed the accident do help the society by calling the number.

You might save Mommy Nesh's life! Hwy who knows... the stupid driver might be roaming around my area!

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