Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Doggie Nightmare

I had a nightmare! *Whine whine* It was a scary nightmare and I kept Sleep Barking all night that Mommy Nesh had to wake me up to save me from the scary dream.

I dreamt I was relaxing outside the porch where the sun was shinning down. I just took my bath and love to sun bathe after that. It was a sunny day and clear blue sky. Just as I was settling down on the porch to get the good sun light...

My neighbour's cat passed by!

I stood up on my four paws and just stare at it. The orange fat cat... just like the irritating Garfield! He sat directly infront of me and snickered as though I was a nobody.

I growled!

But suddenly... that cat turned more evil than ever! It just grew bigger and bigger and the eyes grew more nasty than I have ever seen!

It started chasing me! I tried to run! But I turned into a slow-mo sloth! It was nearing! I couldn't escape anymore!



Mommy Nesh
saved me by waking me up!

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