Saturday, August 25, 2007

advertise on blogs

Earn extra income by blogging! No...seriously! I am earning LOADS form just blogging!


Just register through Smorty of course!

Smorty allow you to advertise on blogs and earn through there. You just have to receive the advertisers' request for you to write a review or opinions about their products and services. Post it up in you blog and then just sit back and wiat for your earned money to be sent to you! Of course you would need a paypal account too but it is easy to get one!

Treat blog advertising as your part-time income! You can do it everywhere just as long as you have a desktop or laptop with internet connection! You can sit in front of the tv with your laptop and write reviews, at Starbucks, or when you're free at home at your computer desktop!

Don't worry! Registering in Smorty is totally free. You just need a blog that is 3 month old, without adultery contents, and available to be indexed in google! Smorty will help you earn extra money!

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